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Sunday, September 15, 2013

On September 7, my BFF Melissa, 2 of my most FAVORITE Sparklies and I, did a Dirty Girl mud run. It's a 3 mile mud run with 12 obstacles along the way. We had to crawl through muddy tunnels, jump into a water and mud filled pool, climb up cargo nets, scale an 8 foot wall, climb over "bouncy house" pyramids, and many more! BEST TIME EVER!!! I've been wanting to do an obstacle race like this for more that a year, and I finally found some suckers, I mean friends, who were willing to do it with me *love you guys* ; )

I could go on and on about how awesome this race was, how much fun I had and all of the emotions that came with it. Instead, I'm just going to post the pictures, because that's all anyone ones to see anyhow, right? ENJOY!!!

My BFF of nearly 20 years, Melissa (MADTHENURSE)

All of us before the race (MADTHENURSE, ENDERLI, NAYKNITS) My oldest friend Lisa came along to take all of these great pics for us!

Right as we were lining up for our heat, the last 3 years flashed before my eyes. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions. THIS is what I've been waiting for, to do things I never thought would ever be possible.

The 10 second countdown! Think we're a little excited!

This was halfway through the race. The first 6-8 obstacles were located too far way for Lisa to even see, let alone take pictures.

the 8 foot wall

top of the cargo net

one of the multiple mud pits we got to crawl though

we climbed up one side of the bouncy house, and slide down into the mud pit

Yep, we lost the tutu's on that slide, so sad...

this was the final obstacle, and we found out later, we were supposed to "swim" through that. Umm, no thanks!

We were able to donate our race shoes to the Dirty Girl, who will clean, sanitize and then ship them to developing countries.

After the race, we all went out to lunch to celebrate! We clean up pretty well, huh?!?

When I got home, I found these waiting for me from my always supportive family!

I can't tell you how awesome that day was! Physically and emotionally, it was THE best day I've had since being on this journey. I had even more fun doing the race with my Sparkgirls! I love you guys and I can't wait until 2014!!!


This is the site for the race! Check it out, find a race, and GET DIRTY!!! WOOHOO!!!
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