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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New ways to arrange your kitchen....A fun article to share...)

The Feng Shui Kitchen

The kitchen is a crucial place to practice Feng Shui as it correlates very strongly symbolically to the health, wealth, and happiness of the home and family.

Your first Feng Shui tip for the kitchen is to make sure that it is spotless. Cluttered kitchens bring ill health, money blockages, and hostile relationships. Do your dishes everyday to ensure the free flow of money in your life. Dry and put them away as well as dishes in the dish rack symbolize domestic problems.

In Feng Shui, fruits and vegetables symbolize the health of the family. Therefore, it is very important not to keep any rotten bananas, apples, or peaches around. Make sure vegetables are stored properly and that they are not growing mold. The one exception is potatoes. Root vegetables symbolize prosperity. It is okay to have a few potatoes or other roots sprouting tendrils under the sink. This symbolizes prosperity, savings, and putting down financial roots.

When it comes to kitchen Feng Shui tips, the stove burners and the oven symbolize wealth. The more burners that your stove has, the richer you will be. The idea is to put a mirror that reflects your stove burners somewhere so that you can symbolically double your wealth. Whatever you do, do not have any reflective objects near your drain as that symbolizes the draining away of your funds.

If you want to attract more love into your life, then make sure you have a few copper molds or pots hanging on your walls. Copper is a metal that belongs to the love goddesses. Choose ones in the shapes of fish to increase fertility. Grape or cornucopia shaped molds increase passion in the bedroom.

Placing liquids such as olive oil or vinegars in the Southeast corner of your kitchen is another Feng Shui tip that can help attract prosperity. This is because they symbolize a water element and the water element helps attract money.

Whatever you do not hang knives or other sharp kitchen gadgetry high above your head. This is very negative Feng Shui and it can bode ill health or accidents.

To spice up your love life, put your spices in the southwest corner of the kitchen. This will give your lovemaking a little variety. Make sure that you place your salt and pepper shakers there as well as they are a symbol for the male and female united in marriage.

You should also do your best to locate major appliances in locations that are compatible with the eight directions in Feng Shui. The stove is a fire element so it is best located in the South part of your kitchen. The refrigerator is a water element and would do better in the North part of your kitchen. Most people are limited by hookups for appliances, which can be frustrating. If appliances can’t be relocated, then you might try having a red stove or a blue colored fridge to offset any incorrect placement
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