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My experience from a friday the 13th night of hedonism to the likes of which have never been seen!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Warning: this blog may contain too much information for some people to handle. I'd like to attach a friendly reminder of "do not judge lest ye be judged". But by all means laugh and comment and share your own experiences.

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Ok this blog title is a bit misleading because I HAVE experienced many a night of drunken hedonism just never on Friday the 13th. I got drunk last night. I hate getting drunk. No that's a lie, I hate the day AFTER getting drunk. I usually only go overboard once or twice a year but I just got over a hang over a month ago. emoticon I'm worried this is happening more often. I need to stop this. My drinking got really out of hand a few years back that I actually quit drinking for a few years.
Only 2 years ago I started again in moderation. Not to get drunk and escape as was my goal previously but to try new and different micro brews and wines.
After last night I'm considering another drinking hiatus. Although when I started drinking last night it wasn't to escape or get wasted. I think I got drunk because I was socially drinking. I wanted to keep the good times rolling and didn't have the mental facilities to say stop. I just want it known that we were at home there was no drinking and driving.

UGH! I just feel the free radicals wreaking havoc on my body this morning! emoticon

So how do I get past this and move on well I think I have an action plan and it goes like this:

Step 1 find the aspirin. oh wow hubby did the dishes? I think he might have drank too much to. Drunkin dish washing, a cry for help, or can i use this to my advantage?

Step 2 Drink much more water than my normal 72 oz. MUST REPLENISH FLUIDS

Step 3 don't let yesterday determine today's outcome. Get out and do something different. Keep moving forward (don't ya just love coach Nicole?)

Step 4 get some rest to let my body recover, its ok to rest. And forgive yourself (myself, whatever)

Step 5 there is no step 5 my OCD just wouldn't let me close this list without a step 5.

I have a tendency to go way overboard on everything; food, drink, work, exercise. I got to keep practicing moderation to make life work.

Non scale victory: although last night I indulged way too much I still manage to hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit without going to the gym. I got in more steps at work. I also kept track of everything I ate and drink and although I went over my calories at least I know where I stand . I went over my calories by 724. Therefore not knowing is not going to derail me. And going over is not going to set me off course.

This is gonna happen its part of the journey. The key is NEVER GIVE UP! Its ok to slip up but just NEVER GIVE UP! Now everybody say it together NEVER GIVE UP! (I hear SparkPeople in my head and know I'm not alone) I can say in my creepy Sixth Sense Movie kid voice "I see SparkPeople, I speak to SparkPeople. " ok when the blog turns into the bizarre I know its time to wrap it up. Have a great Saturday!

Note to self: might want to start deleting last few paragraphs of all blogs to end the blog BEFORE it takes a strange turn. meh, maybe start that tomorrow. Now where the hell is the aspirin?

emoticon And now my Daily Dave Matthews Picture. Time to rest emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your blogs. Hope you've stopped hangin'!
    1681 days ago
    Hope you got a big dose of aspirin to recover from the hangover. I'm not sure if it was a blessing or a curse, but I never got hangovers. I could have drank myself stupid and wake up fine the next day. I stopped drinking a few years ago, though. I rarely drank as it was, and with my diabetes and psych meds, I decided to just give it up.

    Anyway, hope you're feeling better today!

    1682 days ago
  • DOCKO56
    Love the daily Dave Matthews PICTURE---PERHAPS YOU CAN (sorry for yelling) make a new daily feature on the DMB page and maybe Brad (and others, including myself) will revitalize the daily Dave song and we can get rolling into fall. (PS---I know you are busy with your other spark teams and daily blog as well Brad---keep up the great work!) emoticon
    1682 days ago
  • DOCKO56
    1682 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    Thanks for the laugh! I also wonder when DH washes the dishes if he is not sick... Now I am going to smell his breath! emoticon

    Hope your hangover is...over! emoticon

    Good job on the 10K steps!
    1682 days ago
    That was yesterday. What's happening today?
    1682 days ago
    I've been there, done that more times than I care to remember. Oh the overhangs I have suffered through. emoticon

    You got your steps in and you have a plan in place. Win win!

    Great pictures. I love your sense of humor! I hope you are feeling better!

    1682 days ago
    It happens sometimes. Don't beat yourself up, it's just one day.
    1682 days ago
    I agree with the previous poster. You got 10,000 steps which is great and it was only one day!
    1682 days ago
    Don't think what you did as bad. Think Positive-10,000 steps,made good food choices etc.Have a little fun this weekend
    1682 days ago
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