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drawing near

Saturday, September 14, 2013

these are pictures from my trip to mount washingon july 2013

Drawing near to God and really knowing Him

God desires that we walk in intimate fellowship with Him.

Can we manipulate God so He speaks to us on our timetable? No. Can we dictate how He reveals Himself to us? No, again. We can, however, draw near to Him at any time of the day or night. As we draw near, God has the opportunity to reveal who He is and what He desires for us. How, then, should we draw near to the Lord?

A. We draw near through a humble spirit. Look up Isaiah 66:2.

Humility is having the right attitude both about God’s abilities and your strengths.

What does God value, according to James 4:6?

A humble heart looks to God to reward its efforts, for God rewards what others ignore.

Do you view yourself with humility, thinking neither too poorly or too highly of yourself?
In what ways do you have room to grow in true humility?

B. We draw near as we cultivate a life of integrity.

Honesty and righteous living create an environment that is ready for God to speak. Read Psalm 145:18.

What does Scripture promise to those who call on God?

When we continue to sin willfully, we will have a difficult time drawing near to God.

In most cases, repentance is the antidote. We set the course for intimacy when we confess our sin and repent before God.

Read James 4:8-10. Are you walking in a known sin? If so, confess it to God and ask Him for the grace to see your sin as He does—as destructive to you.

C. We draw near to God when we claim our new position in Christ.

Too often, guilt over our sins builds a barrier between our emotions and the Lord. We fail to develop a true sense of intimacy.

However, the cross of Christ dealt with our shame once for all. Our sins and guilt were placed on Christ Himself.

Read Romans 8:1. Remind yourself of this verse the next time Satan tries to tell you that you are a worthless person.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of specific sin so we can confess that sin and receive God’s forgiveness.

Read Hebrews 4:13-16. Why is it foolish NOT to admit our sins to God?

Why do you think God’s throne is called the “throne of grace”?

D. Write down some practical ways you can draw near to God.

Remember, God designed you to fellowship with Him. As you draw near to Him, He will draw near to You!


Lord, help me continually draw near to You each day. Help me treasure the intimacy of Your fellowship. Let me continue to seek You, never becoming complacent or arrogant in my knowledge of You.

Adapted from A Touch of His Presence: Meditations for a Richer Life of Faith by Dr. Charles Stanley. 2002.
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