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28 Pounds Lost Since Last Dr Appt!

Friday, September 13, 2013

So the Dr appointment went okay. I got placed with a female nurse practitioner who is brand new to the facility I go to. I didn't have much of a wait when I usually would have to wait 1-2 hours for my name to be called so that was a bonus. The nurse who called me took my weight and in 4 months I have lost 28 pounds! I was surprised it was that much in only 4 months but I'm right on track to reach my next goal. The nurse practitioner was a very petite woman but she was nice enough not to mention my size. I told her where I started, where I am now, and where I want to be. I explained to her I researched healthy BMI and my goal weight is to be 178 and she agreed that would be my ideal weight because of my height and bone structure. She was surprised that I started my journey in 2006 at 350 pounds. My blood pressure was a bit high though at 179/110 with a high heart rate. I explained to her that I was nervous, don't really like Drs much, and that my previous Dr no longer works there so being thrown into a new PCP so she understood where I was coming from. At the end of the appointment she took my blood pressure again and luckily it went down to 147/90. She gave me some blood work to have done for a full metabolic panel, lipids panel, and to check my vitamin d. I had fasted so I was able to get the blood work done right after my appointment. I have another appointment in November to go over my labs, check my weight, check my back, and to have a full female exam... I'm a bit nervous about that last part because I'm very shy and don't like a stranger poking and prodding me in my private bits haha. I try to avoid PAP smears and breast exams at all costs but I'm due for another exam so I have to have it done but I hate doing it.
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