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S. Sask. Trip Part 2

Friday, September 13, 2013

Next we went to Government House where the Governor General of our province used to reside (but now used for offices) An important position as this person is the Queen's representative. At the entrance inside we got to sign a book for well wishes for Kate and William's new boy!

A former ballroom used as a meeting room:

A solarium for relaxing for an afternoon of tea

The old style version of the 'man cave' where the menfolk would go to discuss important affairs of the state. The women would retreat to the solarium.

Unfortunately, when the place was no longer going to be a residence for the Governor, they gutted out the place and sold everything so the stuff here is either reproductions or actual antiques of the period, but one thing saved because it was locked in a vault was the china service, so its original. Royalty likely dined on these plates when visiting Canada!

Look at all the glasses! I am guessing they had to have a specific spirit with each part of the meal!
They tried to use natural lighting where possible, this skylight gives off nice diffused light down to the lower floor:

The Nanny's bedroom:

Actual tub:


The master bedroom. They did have some gorgeous antiques which is why everything was roped off:

In a hallway I saw the most gorgeous quilts of my favorite subject, the north -three canoes in the woods:

This reminded me so much of the summers we used to camp at the lake up north, so many little islands and lakes we had our own private little area, on a quite rocky area so it was hard sleeping on the ground in a tent as camp mats in those days weren't like they are now :P

The grounds were lovely and Mom was quite taken with this bent over plant that turned out to be a juniper shrub, I guess then can modify anything to grow like that -here its mostly karigiana they do that with.

They had these huge cement planter tubs of flowers all over the grounds:

I loved this photo of my Mom by her favorite planter:

So my only real complaint about the trip was the amount of seat time on the bus. We spent MOST of the day on the bus! Stops were very brief, no more than an hour or an hour an a half. Whirlwind stops to see museums and eat lunch etc., Granted, most of them were very small, but chock full of the bric a brac of daily living artifacts. Distances are vast in Canada and travel time between places is long. So no real exploration time of the little towns and villages we visited. It was a very hot five days and the A/C on the bus was cranked up to keep up with it, which really meant my allergies went over the top :( At the end of the trip I came this close to having a serious sinus infection, narrowly escaped with only three days of a very bad attack.. I absolutely hate air conditioning and rather stay outside in the heat then be in it.
So I finally got to see my family Dr. at long last, and when I said the pain medicine was inadequate, she said to increase it and so I mentioned that Tylenol was to have a warning label on overuse (and the fact my specialist took me off it because I had been on it too long), but she said that was because of people taking it over the counter were taking way too much and did not have the monitoring of their liver to tell if it was affecting it like I do (blood tests) She also said it takes a long time and early warning signs of changes would be caught. She also wanted the gabapentin increased, but no can do as it makes me dizzy and off balance. When I was asked for a referral to a pain clinic, she said that makes her laugh as she is a certified pain Dr. Like wow- never knew that and didn't think she would take on any more work as she already has a huge busy practise and was seeking extra Dr.'s to help out! So she said its like saying she isn't doing her job! She said she would review my file and history. Being allergic to hydroxymorphone was a huge set back.
She would see about getting me into the City Hospital to see my favorite physiotherapist, but she wasn't hopeful as she thinks its for post op patients only.
Today its the second half of a team club championship. Last week my partner misplayed two hands on two different games and cost us both matches. She is the serious alcoholic I found out about when I went to a tournament in BC with and shared a room with her. Turns out another lady who plays with her has noticed her play has gone way down hill and isn't the player she used to be. Not surprising when she only has 'liquid' lunches and dinners :( She said its very frustrating to play with her. Her husband, who died five years ago was also an alcoholic.. Its scary to think of this woman driving. Its remarkable she can even remain upright with very little outward sign of anything. I guess that is how she has gotten away with never getting a check stop as she has amazing control. Sad to think of how she is throwing her life away -she also smokes and has already had a heart surgery.
Its another gorgeous day and is our last day of summer, hitting 30 C (86F) today! After today the bottom will drop out of the temperature and it will be a chilly morning for a 5km, but actually will be the perfect runner's temp at 55 F (13C)! Color Me RAD 5km tomorrow at 10 am for me, wish me luck!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PCOH051610
    Just love that picture of your mom! I know what you mean about air conditioning as I always end up with a very sore throat if we have it on in the car too much.

    1672 days ago
    I have taken a bus ride to Texas long time ago and they are no fun, especially when it is long drives with short stops! And hate the restrooms on them! Yuck! Believe me, we had the AC quit on us on that trip and on a bus with none it is miserable! You started smelling everyone's body odor, which makes you nauseous on top of miserable from the closed in heat. I don't like cold AC either, which is norm for Florida restaurants and buildings. They just plain overdo it! My allergies depend on AC, so I could never be without it!
    I love old historical buildings, even government ones!! Sounded like a very interesting trip!
    That is good to hear your Dr. is a pain Dr and is trying to help you out better than the others did. I am going to have to cut back my Tylenol a bit...I hate being on meds..but sometimes we have to in order to get through the day better! emoticon
    1677 days ago
    Beautiful pics...so great to get away and enjoy the sights and scenery of different places!

    Bet you did SUPER on your 5K!! :-)

    1679 days ago
    Wow, thank you again dear Linda for such a wonderful tour and taking all the time to post this.
    Enjoy the rest of your week end.
    1679 days ago
  • C8TSON
    What a neat trip you and your mom were able to take! Those rooms were amazing! I love stuff like that, and how cool that you got to sign a guest book for Kate and William...so jealous am I! emoticon

    Sorry to hear about the allergy attack. I feel your pain. I live in a city surrounded by cotton fields and this is the time they start ginning. Makes everyone miserable. Poor DH hasn't had a good night's rest in over a month. I also hope this doctor will get your pain meds working for you. I'm surprised that she does specialize in so many things, but I guess that's a good thing.

    As for your game partner, that is just so sad. I hate seeing people waste their lives smoking and drinking it away. I never realized how much life I was wasting by smoking until I quit and had all this time to do what I really wanted. As for alcohol, that stuff just wastes everything. I don't know how many years my uncle wasted by being wasted all the time, and how many other people were so repulsed by it they didn't even want to be around. So sad to hear that she is wasting her precious life in such a way. emoticon

    I hope you have an excellent weekend! Stay warm in the cooler weather! emoticon
    1679 days ago

    I love your pics!
    1679 days ago
    I'm sure you will enjoy tomorrow's 5k. I've heard that they are a blast.

    1679 days ago
    Good luck on your 5K. Loved the pictures of the Government House, inside and out . . . particularly those two glorious quilts!

    Sounds like your doctor is very caring and will make a serious effort to review your file and find a way to help. You work so hard at staying healthy and still have so many difficulties bravely borne -- has to be a little frustrating to see bridge lady drink/smoke and squander the chance she has to live pain free . . . perhaps she is very unhappy or suffering from mental illness.
    1679 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Best of luck on your 5k! You're gonna ROCK it!! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics. I enjoyed taking a tour along with you. Hope you can get your pain under control! Keep kicking butt and taking names!! XOXO
    1679 days ago
    Sounds like a really great trip and I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed yourself and made the best of it.

    1680 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I LOVED those pictures! I would love to see that building!

    Have fun at the RAD!
    1680 days ago
    What great pictures of the Gov's house

    Sorry to read that about your friend, sounds like she doesn't care.

    Wow, that seems really warm for you, LOL, tomorrow you will probably have snow.
    1680 days ago
    I really enjoyed our trip to govt house with the school but I never have made into the RCMP museum. Guess I should do that sometime considering how close I am. Thanks for the great pics. Watch out you're not out on the road on your scooter anywhere near your partner when she's driving. That's really scary. If she's really driving that intoxicated someone needs to call on her before she hurts herself or someone else. If she isn't playing as well I wonder if she's drinking more or if its just finally catching up with her.

    Hope your doc can help get better control of your pain. CJ
    1680 days ago
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