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X: eXamine

Friday, September 13, 2013

This is another part of the assessment directive, following the race: "Verify Wholeness, eXamine, recover."

Onward to Webster's: "examine vt. 1 to look at or into critically or methodically in order to find out the facts, condition, etc. of; investigate; inspect; scrutinize; inquire into 2 to test by carefully questioning in order to find out the knoledge, skill, qualifications, etc. of (a student, witness, job applicatn, eetc.)"

I've verified that all the parts are in place, now I am free to examine the actual performance... and be honest with myself. This is the core of every checkpoint in every program of improvement or mission. And the important thing about it is the "critical" and "methodical" part. Self-honesty is vital. Self-punishment is not. The goal is to assess, decide if corrective action is required, and move on.

What's your next goal? Maintenance of an achievement? A completely different area of focus? If it's a continuation of a journey, knowing what mile-marker we're at helps us map the next leg.

My own examination of the double half results? I was happy... I was happy with the 2:35:57 of day one, followed by a 2:29:36 of day two. I was happy that although I was slowed down for a few days, I'm still functioning, even active. I've walked first slowly, then increasingly back to a more normal pace for me. I've had my first swim since, and my first weight training session.

My remaining events for the year: I'm signed on for the St. Pete Women's HM in November, but not yet officially signed on for the Governor's cup, in mid-October. My goal: maintain fitness for these runs, while increasing strength training, leading up to Winter base fitness building.

And that pretty much covers the "throw-in" word, "recover" as well.

LIFE continues to be good. Love it, good or bad, but LIVE it, every day. Because you're worth it! Spark on! emoticon
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