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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recently when I told a friend I haven't seen in a while that I'd found out at a doctor's appointment in late August that I'd lost 6 pounds, another person overheard and walking over, asked me how I'd done it. So here's my list (in no particular order):

1) Track food.
It makes such a difference when you actually SEE what you are eating. I know at all times what is going into my body.

2) Track exercise
Know how much you re burning. The golden rule: Calories out have to exceed calories going in.

3) Fruits and veggies are your FRIENDS
Instead of reaching for something sugary to snack on ( chocolate) or something else that is bad for you, reach for the freggies. They are definitely better for you. BUT, we are human after all; we wouldn't be normal if we didn't give in to our cravings once in a while would we?

4) No second helping
What is on my plate, is all I get. And that is enough.

Drink water instead of stuff full of badness like energy drinks and soda. Not drinking that will save on so many calories. And it will quench your thirst faster. Even as a kid, I was never a huge fan of soda- didn't like the taste of it and the bubbles (ugh!) but I have friends who down it like crazy! I will usually reach for apple or orange juice if its available-but not very often. My main drink is water. Minimum I get is 8 glasses a day. However I will sometimes get as much as 11-12 glasses.
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