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Step Aerobics, Yikes!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things seemed to go well, today. I didn't get enough sleep. I had to get up early to go for another alcohol injection in my right foot. Very painful thing! Ended up having to have two shots in my foot. emoticon I am hoping it helps. I still want to do the Habitat For Humanity 5K. I am trying to do walking, but some days it is just to painful. I actually walked quite a bit the week. emoticon Very happy! Today, I decided to try Step Aerobics. Hubbie and I had found a exercise step at a favor Thrift Shop for $8 right before my sister had died. I hadn't had a change to use it. I talked my husband into trying it with me. We both really sucked at it, but had fun with it. I told my husband we would really have to keep at it to improve. emoticon This is a hard exercise to catch on to. It has spiked my interest. I like to do different things for exercise to keep my interest. I also got in some other cardio and strength training, today. Eating hasn't been a problem this week, either. Today, I tried a new recipe with lentils. I want to eat more legumes to help my cholesterol to come down. I am praying for a good report for me and hubbie in October when we have our four month check-up. The recipe is excellent. It was almost like a Minestrone Soup. So good. Best off we could have a good serving of it. It taste delicious plus very healthy. It made such a large amount, I froze part of it. I did save some for tomorrow for lunch. I think I will make a toasted cheese sandwich to go with it. For dinner, I am making a chef salad low calorie fashion. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I hope I have done well this week. I trust the LORD to walk this path with me. I don't want to diet alone. I want to live healthy in obedience to the LORD. HE always walks with me and helps me.

I am hoping tomorrow my foot is feeling much better. I want to take a long walk that is worth doing. It the foot starts to hurt, I will only be able to do so much and have to stop. Hoping that doesn't happen. I will be sensible about it. The shots in the foot is to enable me to walk sooner or later without a problem. This is the third trip to the doctor for treatment. Oh one other thing! I had a MRI Monday this week. It is the last ditch effort to find out why I am having dizzy spells. The really bad one's causes my eyes to lose control and move all over the place. That really freaked me out. It has been going one since the day I got out of the hospital last December. Every conceivable test has been done on me. The Neurologist said there are two kinds of vertigo. One is the regular (his words) and the other is the unusual kind. I have the unusual kind. It is called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) with Nystagmus (uncontrolled eye movement due to the vertigo.) emoticon The doctor said it usually goes away after 3 to 4 months, but sometimes it last months, years, and can even be permanent condition. He said it is brought on by a hit to the head, serious infection, large doses of antibiotics, and sometimes a tumor. Since the ear, nose and throat doctor had done a bunch of test and especially a complete CT Scan; he had determined I didn't have BPPV. There was no calcium in my tubes of my ears. So I ask the Neurologist how could that be that the other doctor determined I didn't have BPPV and the neurologist determines I do. The doctor said he would have the MRI to get a better look to make sure what may be in there causing my symptoms. I think there is no tumor. I did have a bad fall and hit my head in November, I had a serious infection from surgery on my back and had lots of antibiotics for weeks that month. I think the combination set this BPPV off. There is a therapeutic exercise I am doing that seems to be helping. It will take time, though. Just pray nothing is found in the MRI. I just don't want something else to deal with right now. I need peace right now. emoticon

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