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Some runs are great, but not today's...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This week is a busy week and I knew I would not have many run opportunities. At lunch today was one of those few opportunities and I took it. I had been inside all morning and did not realize how hot it had gotten.

I took off shortly after noon and my first thought was that it felt like the inside of a convection oven. It wasn't that hot, it was only like 85 to 90 deg (OK, my friends from any where south of here will say that sounds pleasant, but to me that is almost too hot to run), but very muggy and very the air was just stagnant. I had been planning to do a 6 mile LSR, but after 2 miles I adjusted the plan and did a 4 mile SSS (short slow slog).

-It was a struggle to keep going with the stuffy air.

-I was feeling sore and bruised (but not injured at least) from our last intramural game (ultimate frisbee) versus the foreign language department (we won, but it was a bad game - it was very windy and both teams were making a lot of unforced errors).

-I made the mistake of eating lunch about an hour before my run, two slices of leftover pesto-garlic pizza. I felt like I was oozing garlic out my pores!

-On the plus side, with today being Patriot's Day, there were a lot of cadets participating in running relays in remembrance of those lost in the attacks and the GWOT since. All along the run, I was passing pairs of cadets running with flags. There were times I wanted to wuss out on my run, but seeing everyone running by, I knew I couldn't!

-When I got done and showered, I was still sweating for the next hour.

Well, not every run is going to be a great one. But if you make the habit of strapping on your shoes and getting out the door even if you aren't feeling it that day, it will serve you better than developing the habit of skipping workouts! So, today was a slogging through the run kind of day. I didn't make it quite as far as I had planned, but was able to get some good utility miles in.

I read about and interview with a longtime runner who ran every day. The interviewer asked him what the hardest part of running every day was. His reply was "Putting on my shoes and taking the first strides".

While I was kind of miserable out there running, I don't regret squeezing in the workout in a busy day. In fact, quite the opposite. If I hadn't run I would have regretted it.
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