DOLLY TIME ( time for myself) ;-)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two things::: thanks to everyone who replied on my last blog : Life hurts sometimes emoticon i got some ideas for now..

Mini update on my aunt ( she lives on her own- self suffinent) she goes to her bloodwork more often at this time ( once a week-- she gets tired.. Bit of bummer for me she and i do things together which we havent done in a while..she was good in the summer doing her own activities)
ma staying in she has austuma -- heat index -100 / air quiality is c----p ( double ugh) was planning to get food today ( im low) so..... Has wait till torrow when not quite soooooo BLAZING HOT!!!!!!!! Dad ok light activity no fixing Toooo hoooottttt! ( thier stamina is sometimes low which worries me.... They are semi active) emoticon

I stay in my parents house for various reasons ( i have a disabity... Jobs not easy to find so i voulnteer at local library....... keep an eye on them ... My older brother is good he keeps an eye on them..as for my other two siblings.....they dont have any idea...( they are not here everyday montior them etc--- busy lives--- why dont they make the Time?!?!?!?!?
( sorry for venting-- anybody who has done caretaking has those issueseses???????? What do you do about it????)

Whew back to Dolly Time (MASTER GUIDE) FLEX schudle

Insipred by OCEAN MIST's GOALS for fall plans and others SP Hogwarts goals

Chalk Jumper?? -Time out already--Dolly Time in effect!!!!!! REMINDER !!!!!!! emoticon

1. Listen to Johhny Denver /Beatles, Drawing painting 30 mins to hour depending on the week i have emoticon emoticon

2 Type some strioes and my notes ive wriiten to be a journeal .... emoticon

3 read Sprituality/Wellness books/magazines and Cozy books emoticon

4. Orgazinzine y room ( dontate some books 10). 15min to hour go to orgazine life in SP for ideas....

5. Walk walk a block or elipicall for 15 mins emoticon

online class in thevwinter?????
Watch XENA the warrior princess, six million dollar man bionic woman thundercats, starvtrek voyager etc

does this sounds like a plan??? For Dolly Time??? emoticon any more suggestions would be appericated..
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    I love the idea of 'Dolly Time' we all need our own little space in each and EVERY day to do some fun projects. I'm planning my Annual Girls Christmas Craft Party. It's where we all gather together to do some silly little Christmas craft and enjoy good food, some fun games, and just general joking around...it's good for the soul and what I believe is the true essence of Christmas...love for those you are with!

    Enjoy your Dolly Time..and what a GREAT daughter you are for watching over the ones you love! emoticon
    1986 days ago
    emoticon great job!
    1998 days ago
    Dolly Time sounds like a plan! The main things is to use the time for you; whatever activities bring you pleasure. That will be different for each one of us. Sounds like you have a lot of great ideas. You might even do two at the same time; example listen to music as you organize your room, listen to music or an audio book as you walk or do the eliptical.

    It's healthy to find a way to vent; much better than bottling things up inside and then feelings come out in unexpected ways! Unfortunately, we can't always get other people to do what we want. Much as you would like to have your siblings more involved, there might be some positive aspects - fewer opinions to deal with as decisions have to be made, but always keep everyone in the info loop so there are no unexpected surprises.

    I suspect that everyone who has ever been involved with care giving has needed to vent and let off steam!

    Wishing you all the best.

    2043 days ago
    Hey Dolly...when your time gets to the Thundercats, let me know. I'd love to see some. emoticon
    2045 days ago
    emoticon for Dolly time. Yes, we all deserve to have special time for "just me" time. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2045 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Good for you. I am sorry about the family health issues. It is good that you are taking some time for yourself as well.
    2046 days ago
    Hey, Dolly, this is really great!! I am so proud of you for thinking of ways to be healthier. You can support others but they have to take care of themselves as well, you know?

    Your goals are wonderful and I think it is also great that you are trying to eat better too. YOU GO GIRL!!! emoticon emoticon
    2046 days ago
    Dolly, this is a gr8 beginning!!

    Now, when you can, fill out a TIME schedule and how it basically goes. Here's mine left over from summer*term but I need to change it up for autumn:

    5am - wake-up (1 c espresso) devotion & h2o
    6am - Peak8 or ST
    7am - protein (1 c espresso) kefir+vita & h2o
    8am - daily list - begin boggart battle
    9am - walk Chance, garden & h2o
    10am - research
    11am - continue room chores & h2o
    12pm - fuel body & go for sunshine
    1pm - computer & h2o
    2pm - reading (snack 2)
    3pm - crafts & h2o
    4pm - writing
    5pm - last chore stands & h2o
    6pm - dinner & music or a movie
    7pm - (snack 3) & h2o
    8pm - bath
    9pm - it's a wrap (finish business)
    10pm - sleep
    11pm - sometimes even sleep runs late

    As you can *see* it's a wake-up & go-to-bed schedule with my meals, snacks, and water filled in plus icky chore *stuff* and the hopefully *me*time*

    It wasn't always followed but it gave me a place to find a few little corners for *me* Do a TIME schedule Dolly, and fill in your 5 steps, plus the other *stuff* you gotta do.

    2046 days ago

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