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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is a letter from a TOPS friend who recently went to be with our Lord and Savior
We will miss you April.

April's letter to us all (Posted by Bill East)

As a child, I loved to run and play. I remember one day I was running full out, turned my head to make sure that mom and dad were watching, and ran smack dab into a tree. When everyone could quit laughing, they made sure that I was ok (I've got a really hard head).

I did get into a lot of mischief when I was younger. There was one time that I still feel guilty about. Bill and I were outside playing (I was maybe in kindergarten), and I started pulling up my mom's flowers. Well, mom came out to see why we were being so quiet, and I looked up at her and said "Mommy, look what Bill did!" It's a wonder he still speaks to me!!

There was another time, after the flower incident, when we lived in Dorris. I got mad about something (not very important, I'm sure), and decided to run away from home. Do you know that my poor beleaguered brother decided to come with me to protect me? Now that's love.

Our Heavenly Father and our Beloved Savior are the same. Our Savior goes before us and protects us. He helps us as much as we will allow him to. Our father blesses us as we do His will. When we live as we are told to, we receive more blessings than we can hold. I have made many mistakes in my life, some of them serious, and because of the love and Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ, I was able to find forgiveness.

People ask me how I can deal with my afflictions so well, It is because I love and trust in my Heavenly Father and Savior. They strengthen me. It is also because of my family. They have been so supportive and loving, and I will be eternally thankful that God decided to send me to this family. I am also strengthened by the love and support of my dear friends, my ward family. I don't think that you realize how much you have helped me.

I am now free to run again, I have missed that (let's just hope that I don't run into anymore trees!!)

I will miss you all, but if allowed I will keep an eye on you and help out where I can until we see each other again in our Father's house. I'll love you always.
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