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Walk for the Heroes

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I am really excited and moved to be taking part in an event to remember the heroes of 9/11 and afterward. It's been happening here for a few years and started with one man, then grew to 4, then grew a little more. This year it has been publicized a lot and when I first heard about it a few months ago I knew I had to be a part of it. Because 9/11 is on a weekday it was decided to hold it on 9/13. It starts at 11 pm and we will walk

From the Facebook page

The James H. Pirtle “Walk for the Heroes” This annual walk is to commemorate the victims and brave responders of 9/11/2001


The James H. Pirtle “Walk for the Heroes” to begin Friday, September 13, 11 pm at the Gateway Motel in Hurley, NM and ending around 2 pm in Deming at Diaz Farms. This annual walk is to commemorate the victims and brave responders of 9/11/2001 and our servicemen who died or were wounded on the battlefield against terrorism.

James H. Pirtle, a New Mexico native, gave his life in defense of our liberties on October 4, 2003, as a soldier in "Operation Iraqi Freedom." His mother Kay Beeman and good friend Elizabeth Lopez embarked on a mission to establish this walk as an annual event. As members of the Gaffney-Oglesby Marine Corps League, we were proud to be asked to participate in this event. You or your organization are invited to join us in honoring the 9/11 victims and first responders and the servicemen who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.


Here's also a link to a story printed in the newspaper with more history and story of the event.

I don't how much of it I'll be able walk. There will be an RV people can get out of the walk and rest in for a while and ride and a couple of other vehicles. So we don't have to walk the whole thing. I want to walk as much of it as can. I'm also so excited to see a young woman named Mary Ann Madrid who is going to be doing it in her wheelchair. How awesome is that!!

This morning I was driving 3 of my grandkids to school. Two of them are 10 years old (cousins born 2 months apart) and one is 8 years old. They weren't born yet when this happened. As I was driving I told them the story of 9/11 and the event that happened and the people who were killed, including children in a daycare in one of the towers. I told them of the thousands who died, including all the firefighters who were trying to rescue people. I told them of the impact on our nation, including how we came together as a nation. I told them how so many of us just wanted to be near and hug our families, and how my 2 daughters, their moms, lived 4 hours away in Tucson a the time and that Saturday when I was off work right after it happened I drove over there just to be near them for a little while. I want them to know and understand what that day meant.

Well, I've got to get to work today. Remember our heroes today, all of them, and say a prayer for them and their families of those from that day and current ones including military, police, firefighters, emergency responders and all the others who give so much for us.
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