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I've been doing some 'super sleuthing' into the underbelly of foreclosure fraud..shocking stuff!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

emoticon If I hadn't been pulled in other directions...I probably would have been an investigative journalist. Well...maybe. I probably never would have been able to make the word cut for column length. If I'm ANYTHING...I'm wordy.

BUT..there is so much to be said! Especially on the subject of foreclosure fraud. Many of you know we've been fighting the GOOD fight to protect our beautiful FL homestead in one of the state's that is RIFE with foreclosure fraud.

As our adept attorney's say...In the FL judicial system you are WRONG even if you are RIGHT.

This is because our stinking governor, Rick Scott, a master of fraud since he ripped off medicare payments in the hospital field to make his millions... has mandated that once all the 'free loader' homeowners are cast out of their homes and they can be put back on the market for many of his 'free wheeling' investor buddys to snap up for pennies on the dollar things will get back to business as usual.

BOY is he WRONG! More and more homeowners are realizing that they have been hoodwinked after making many payments on trial modifications being promised by the big banks that they are working with them to save their homes from foreclosure. We should know...we made not the three 'perfect..on time...to the letter of the agreement' trial payments that are supposed to guarantee a permanent payment that you can afford on your home...but ELEVEN....to the tune of over $20,000.

That's a WHOLE lotta hoodwinking Lucy! emoticon

It's called dual tracking that means a promise of help whilst moving the property into foreclosure the whole time the trusting homeowner is still coughing up dough to line the greedy banisters pockets. It's also illegal.

But beyond that despicable act...one that judges are only too happy to look the other way and ignore we have illegal document manufacturing.

If they can't find the original docs that prove they have the right to steal your home in spite of the homeowners willingness to make payments, they will make them up...yep...out of thin air. That's why some of my earlier blogs say that stealing a home in FL is as good as having a half way decent copy machine.

How do I know this. Well...it's called super sleuthing. emoticon I've known for YEARS that GMAC does not have our original note and mortgage. Heck they couldn't even get the closing packet right for the terms of the loan on our refinance way back in 2006.

This loan was done completely by telephone and mail. No human bodies included whatsoever. The first packet they sent out had the wrong interest rate on it. I called and complained that it wasn't our 'locked in' rate quoted over the phone.

I'm telling you...when you deal with a bank keep DETAILED notes, I'm talking representative's names (even though most of the time they are bogus too), dates and times you spoke to them and notes of what the conversation entailed.

Second package sent out had a 'pre-payment' penalty snuck into the legal jargon. We had agreed they would WAIVE the pre-payment penalty. Back that packet went to Dallas, TX.

Third packet came...they are MAD emoticon now because they have been caught in two slip ups...they say if this packet isn't back to them by such and such date the loan is OFF.
I should have just let it go at that. It would have saved me a boat load of trouble and maybe we wouldn't be in the sinking boat we are in today. But...hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20 right?

Sooooo I'm wondering for myself what docs actually got filed in land records about this whole lost loan gone bad. What did they manage to actually file? I want it straight from the horse's mouth and certified. So last Friday I take myself downtown fight the insane traffic and pray for a parking spot to our courthouse and navigate myself through the files.

I'm determined to get certified copies of our mortgage, I want PROOF of the robo-signed (illegal) assignment that shows how truly bogus and transparent this whole ruse is. Any 6th grader can figure out it's a CYA document cooked up to LOOK correct...but there is the SMALL problem with the filing date and the robo-signer who originated it.

ALSO too.... it is placed in the records a full FOUR years after the loan was implemented. Isn't it unusual that an assignment just happens to magically get filed for a foreclosure case by a fraud filled lawyers office who is now out of business because of all the proven fraud he committed... and this assignment shows PROOF that he handled our illegal foreclosure action in the first place?

Luckily it has his office big as the moon showing on a prepared by stamp in the upper corner. The truth about things always comes out eventually. But it's probably not enough for these idiot judges here in FL.

This in and of itself should prove to the judge that our foreclosure was rigged, fixed, and implemented from the VERY beginning and even AFTER eleven of what we thought were CURRENT payments and an agreement for a permanent modification. GMAC now OcWEN was STILL moving the action to foreclosure. Totally illegal.

It's ALSO interesting that in the original Lis Pendes.. other robo-signed documents and the foreclosure mill attorney's original foreclosure action has....poof...evaporated into thin air since the stigma of his firm's name and the robo-signer he used for the affidavit to Summary Judgment proved the stench of fraud so glaringly. emoticon

The new attorneys that took over the case and pulled those tainted documents from the file and replaced them with 'acceptable' documents should be sanctioned, fined, and sued for committing fraud upon the courts AND perputating and aiding and abetting the fraud they chose to cover up. But in the la~la land of FL this too will probably be allowed to slide.

Now...I have to backtrack through all the docs and see how they have doctored up signatures, and endorsements to make it look as though they did everything correctly. We KNOW they did not...we KNOW they just cooked up bogus documents where they were needed...but to prove this is the arduous part.

It's also weird that the note and the mortgage somehow did not get recorded as a whole. Just the mortgage shows in the land records. That too was sloppy, sloppy record keeping and should not be allowed to stand in a court of law.

I need to find out how I can look into the Pooling and Servicing Agreement that banks are now claiming they can use to show ownership. This is a whole NEW wickety wicket and just one more smoke screen in a long and winding path of smoke and mirrors that we have been fighting for the last 5 years.

One small victory...I turned in our servicer to the Attorney General (not that she really cares...but she makes the appearance of caring) who wants them to explain how they accepted eleven payments that were current and then pulled the rug out from under us anyhow by moving the home into foreclosure. emoticon

This is going to be a GOOD story Lucy...I'll be sure to share. OcWen has 30 days to cook some song and dance up for that one. Another 'fairy tale' emoticon is in the making! emoticon

In the meantime if you or anyone you know is losing their home to illegal foreclosure tell them to fight like hell...and then keep on fighting...it ain't OVER til the fat lady sings! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are my Shero of the day! I lost my home to illegal foreclosure. OCWEN is a dirty word. I continue to get mail from them, 4 years after they stole my home.

    My Prayers for you in your courageous fight. emoticon
    1733 days ago
    SO proud of you for continuing the fight - so many people have given up well before the first round!
    1735 days ago
    As always, I am in awe of your drive and force to keep your beautiful home. All this hard work and dedication is bound to pay off in the end. Just wish it didn't have to be so frustrating to get there. Hang in there.... emoticon
    1735 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    You are one determined lady. Sure glad you are on my team!!!!! I sincerely hope all this work ends up saving you your home. I know people who have just given up.....so sad.
    1739 days ago
    Happy to hear you turned to the Attorney General. Can't wait to hear what their response is. Keep at it and you will prevail.
    1740 days ago
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    1742 days ago
    Good for you for doing more homework on this. I'm sure they wish you would just give up and go away. I wish they would give up themselves and work things out with you.

    Glad you turned your servicer to the Attorney General. I hope that more good news comes from this!

    The fat lady isn't going to sing! I think you are slowly making it so that she can't! emoticon

    Love and Hugs to you! emoticon & emoticon
    1742 days ago
    God bless you!! Keep up the good fight. ONWARD!!
    1742 days ago
    You are absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of you. I'm pulling for you.
    1742 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Scary fight, and I'm sorry you have to go through it.
    1742 days ago
    1742 days ago
    1742 days ago
    Keep fighting! You are doing great!
    1742 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    I agree put it in the paper!
    1742 days ago
    Rick Scott has nothing on you, my lady!! emoticon AND I did NOT vote for the loser. emoticon

    Love, Chelsea
    1742 days ago
    WOW!!! Still so amazed all the hoops &
    appreciative that people like you GO FOR IT like you are.
    This is quite an interesting Read here you wrote.
    I wonder just how many others are fighting like you are.
    Thanks for blogging.

    and Ughhh - I signed with GMAC in 2004.
    They have recently passed me to some other company.
    How much paperwork gets lost in the passing of companies/hands...
    1742 days ago
    And it sounds like the fat lady is a long way from singing...good for you in all your efforts.
    1742 days ago
    emoticon Your energy amazes me Bobbi!

    1742 days ago
    WOW - DITTO for the 'medical stuff with workmen's comp' etc. they are all crooked - every politician lawyer doctors etc. they all bow to the almighty dollars and free perks and prey on the little guy just trying to life a live.
    they take food out of the mouths of babes and laugh about it. all the while thinking up some other fraudulent package, excuse or underhanded practice.
    i am happy your efforts have moved you forward - i and many others have tried fighting these systems only to get more deeply into the knowledge that it is AN UPHILL PAINFUL and sometimes futile battle.
    a friend of mine fought for VA rights - get some $$ for her husband's funeral - they turned her down flat while in his last three months of dying from mesothelioma . they kept rejecting her - letter after letter - after the family helped her to bury him - about two years - they sent a letter saying they would allow a pittance to her.
    she told them to SHOVE IT!! -
    8 mos later she herself passed away from bone cancer -
    and the fight lives on!!!
    1742 days ago
    I am so excited for you! Thank heavens you are so fiercely determined!
    1742 days ago
    You go girl! emoticon

    I'm sorry you've got to deal with all this, but they are going to find there are some people they should NOT tangle with and Bobbi is one of them! Keep up the good fight! emoticon
    1742 days ago
    Way to go lady! Keep up the good work.
    1742 days ago
    1742 days ago
    I wonder if it would do any good if you put these blogs in Fla. newspapers as letters to the editors? Maybe it would make more folks aware? I dunno. Or it might make you a target. It's just horrible what lengths the big wigs will go to to line their own pockets! I'll tell you what, if I had decided to move to Fla., I'd rent!!! No way would I attempt to buy a house unless, maybe if I had the $$ to buy it outright and no mortgage!!! And, I got to ask, you've been paying all along, right? So, I don't know what you mortgage was for (amt), but shouldn't just about have it paid off? It just seems like it. You mentioned having paid 11 payments to the tune of $20,000. Sounds like a whole, whole lot! Of course, we only paid $38,000. total for our home (and it will take 10 X's that to update and repair it at this point....hehe) Just askin'. If you don't want to disclose that, I totally understand. Really none of my business.
    I'm still praying and wishing and hoping you get this straightened out and keep your beautiful home!! No body should be kicked out of their home to make some rich bastard richer!!! That's just man's inhumanity to man!! Sparkling vibes coming your way!! (((HUGS)))
    1742 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1742 days ago
    This is an interesting read. Thank you for posting. Keep fighting.
    1742 days ago
    You have really done your homework over the past few years. They should just give up and work out a payment plan since you are NOT giving up! I bet they wish they had done that with you.

    As far as I'm concerned, the fat lady can just stay seated with her mouth SHUT!
    1742 days ago
    emoticon Keep fighting the good fight! HUGS!
    1742 days ago
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