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Reflections on August '13

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

emoticon Physical Health:

- Flossing & Retainer: Terrible going. Though eating fresh peaches has been a good catalyst for flossing.

- Spark goals. I'm at five months of 500 minutes per month and I had a 7 week streak of 90 minutes per week. I am definitely getting better at consistency.

emoticon Dietary Health:
- Protein. This a slow one, but I think it’s improving. I’ve been eating more meals with beans and lean meats. I bought two heritage chickens at the farmer’s market last weekend. (I freaking love the local chickens.) I’ve also been really enjoying edamame (even though I still can’t say it). I’ll have to get some more of that.

- Fruits & Veggies. Eating fruits and veggies has been a very start/stop process with me. While I’m not consistently eating them, I am consistently thinking about it --and I notice when a meal I’m eating doesn’t have one or both. So I’ve been pondering new ways to incorporate them into meals and snacks. I’ll call that an improvement. And last weekend I went to the farmer’s market with a friend and bought green beans, peaches, a cantaloupe, and carrots.

- Water. Still averaging around 5ish cups a day, but I’m hitting 6 sometimes too! Which reminds me -- excuse me while I chug some more!

- Other. Instead of putting butter on bread (I already eat whole grain), I’ve recently begun dipping it in olive oil. Yeah, yeah. I know that still has a lot of calories, but I’m not counting calories right now. I’m changing what I eat right now, not how much. Baby steps! And I’m really hoping that will help boost my HDL numbers.

emoticon Mental/Emotional Health:
- Work and Home. I’m (probably) within a month of being back to part-time work. So that is very exciting! And home is good. It is a restful place where I feel like myself. I recently canned some pickles. It felt good to be productive.

- Piano. Still going well. I’m currently working on (a watered down version, I’m sure) of Joplin’s The Entertainer. Fun!

- Outdoors. It’s been awfully humid, but I’m still getting outdoors some. I have about 6 red tomatoes now, and the hubs picked 12 jalapenos! I’ve seen toads, hummingbirds, and butterflies. :)

- Getting Creative. I’m pondering taking a class on learning to crochet at the local career center. Or maybe just buying a book and trying to do it myself. I’m also slowly gearing up to open an Etsy shop. Even if it never takes off, the process is fun. I really need to sit down and stamp some more stationery. I’m starting to run low.

emoticon Spiritual Health (A fuzzy, but important category for me):
- Prayer, Being Outdoors, & Awareness of My Body. Toughest part continues to be awareness of my body. I apparently live deep in my head! Exercise is helping that change! And my chiropractic care.

emoticon Social Health:
- Friends & Family. Doing pretty good!

- Letter writing. August wasn’t the greatest month for letter writing, but I did get a few out!

emoticon Personal Takeaways for August:
- Best Thing of the Month. Discovering that I now love fresh peaches waaay better than the canned ones. Couldn’t have said that a couple of months ago.

- Room for Most Improvement. Protein & veggies. Keep working to incorporate them into my diet.

- Highlighted Food Goal for September. I think I’ve been setting the bar a little high for myself sometimes. So this time I will shoot for finding a new way to incorporate a veggie and a protein into a meal/snack at least once a week. That seems totally doable!

- Highlighted Fitness Goal for September. Get back on the wagon for 90 minutes per week.

emoticon Special Note for August:
I lost my grandmother at the tail end of August, and that has affected all of my areas of healthy living in the last week and a half or so (though it feels like so much longer). However, I am determined to get back up and back on track! She always gave me such a hard time for my cholesterol numbers, even as I have been working to bring them down (and bringing some of the numbers down quite a bit!). Grandma, I’m getting healthier for me, but I’m also doing it for you! I know she’s still watching, and I don’t want to disappoint her.
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    I always love the format you use for these! Have I already recommended wrapping slices of lunch meat around a string cheese for a protein snack? Also, with fall coming, have you ever baked sweet potatoes? We have them with a couple tablespoons of greek yogurt, seeds or nuts like pepitas, walnuts, or sunflower seeds, and a little cheese. emoticon Not veggie-filled or low-carb, but so good. Black beans and corn are good on them too.
    Why can't you say ed-uh-mom-ay? Tongue twister?
    2018 days ago
    I like how you separate everything out like this. It's a good way to see where you need focus more or less. Seems like you are doing a great job. So sorry about your Grandmother.
    2019 days ago
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