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Pet peeve-

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've been working on focusing on positives, but I saw something today that I just HAD to blog about.

The positive focus on it? I know the proper use of words!

What is the problem with learning the correct use of simple words?! "Then" and "than" are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!! And what is all that hard about using "accept" and "except" correctly?? It's not that hard! EX-cept- it is EX-cluding something, leaving something out. Very simple, if you aren't meaning something left out-by default you are including or "accepting".

Kind of like someone saying something they like is "contagious" when the correct word is "addictive" (she means she can't stop using/eating/buying whatever she is referring to).

Using bigger words to make yourself feel or look smarter when you don't know the meaning of them is NOT going to help.

Now, let me say this: I fully understand that a lot of people do not have English as a first language. Some people have learning disabilities. Some have mental limitations. There are a oot of reasons for improper language use. I am NOT talking about people who are innocently ignorant (the literal meaning of "being without knowledge" not anything rude).

It is people who are totally and completely capable of learning and using language appropriately!

And don't even get me started on "axing a question"!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    hahaha. My big pet peeve is "I could care less" when they mean "I COULDN'T care less." If you COULD care LESS, that means you care SOME, when what I assume you mean to say is you don't care at all. Which means you couldN'T care LESS because there is no existing quantity of caring that is less than zero. ARRGH.

    I am, however, completely guilty of rampant misuse of the word "literally" as hyperbole. I'm terrible. emoticon
    1740 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Yes, I so agree with all you have shared here, emoticon for sharing...

    God's Blessings & emoticon
    1745 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Oh, boy! I have to say I agree with you and all the other comments. I'll add one more to the list: lay and lie. I will also admit, though, that when I'm really tired I have been known to make dumb mistakes and not corrected them. Oh, well.
    1746 days ago
    The lose and loose always irritates me. Not to mention people who don't seem to know the English alphabet. I hope this post is grammatically correct. I'm not perfect either and it drives me crazy. emoticon
    1746 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Once I was talking to someone, saying I wish my body had antibodies against the latest sickness going around, and then said go to the doctor to get antibiotics. Words!!! so entertaining.
    1746 days ago
  • BECCA315
    Oh, you pushed a lot of buttons with me! I dislike when people pretend they can just interchange words at their whim! Becca
    1746 days ago
    How about your and you're?
    Not to mention their, there, and they're!!!
    1747 days ago
    I couldn't agree more. One of my pet peeves is people incorrectly using the word and. That amazes me. People actually write I ate and apple, instead of I ate an apple. People don't use an anymore. If they re read their sentence they could see it doesn't make sense using and instead of an.
    1747 days ago
    I'm an English major, so I tend to be the same way. It drives me crazy - but not as much as when people misuse the different versions of "there." That's the one that makes me grit my teeth every time!
    1747 days ago
    My favorite is people who say "loose" instead of "lose"
    1747 days ago
  • MAIM138
    I get a twitch every time someone, say, posts a picture and captions it, "Billy Bob and I at the beach!" ...If you wouldn't say "Here is a picture of I at the beach," it's incorrect. I remember every single teacher I ever had, every year in school going over that. Was everyone else absent all those days?
    1747 days ago
    'Bought' and 'brought' get me annoyed, plus I've heard someone 'itch' something when they mean 'scratch' grrrrr. emoticon
    1747 days ago
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