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Old Habits Die Hard!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Or for me, just lie in wait and bite me in the @## when I've got my back turned and my attention elsewhere.


Yes, I'm down 97 lbs. and 6 jeans sizes (really 7, but I never allowed myself to buy fitting size 26s. Went from skin tight 24W to 12.

Off high bp meds, cholesterol meds, sleeping meds, breathing meds, avoided impending diabetes meds emoticon

It's AMAZING that I can walk around a store, up and down stairs and do stuff like laundry without having to rest in the middle and be totally worn out for the rest of the day. It's STUPENDOUS that I'm even jogging a little!!! emoticon

I've got some big milestones coming up (100 lbs lost, 1 yr surgiversary, birthday) and in thinking about them, somehow my brain was fooled into thinking I'm 'fixed' emoticon

WRONG! emoticon

Example: I went to the store to get 'my' foods. That was good. emoticon I make good choices when I've got good foods on hand to choose. Saw that my beloved Dannon lite & fit Greek yogurt now comes in 32 oz tubs. AND it was ON SALE for less than the 4 pack of 5 oz cups. SCORE I thought! emoticon

My brain doesn't recognize a 5 oz serving (80 cal) in a 'regular' bowl or cup. Not only did my portions GROW, but they increased in NUMBERS. Apparently, I NEED the portion control of individual cups plus the visual cue of the cup in the recycle bin to REMIND my brain that YES, I DID EAT! emoticon

Example: My DH's b day was last week. Our budget is focused on college dd's, so I get creative rather than throw dollars. I chose a pirate theme bday. Why? He has a box where he keeps some gold flakes in a tube he panned and some gold dollars. I went to party store, picked up a metal pirates treasure chest, coordinating paper plates, napkins and wrapping paper. Then went to bank and got gold dollars (49 plus 1 to grow on :) So far, all good!!!

Check out line emoticon

Bags of gold wrapped chocolate candies!!! emoticon emoticon

I thought: They go great with the pirate treasure theme, he'll love the small treats and I won't have any trouble avoiding eating them. emoticon


Yes, they DID go well with the theme and DH DID love them. I avoided them for 1, maybe 2 days then thought 'I'll just have a TINY bite'. After my MAJOR DUMPING EPISODE, I am SUPER cautious cuz I NEVER want to do that again!!

I'm soooo predictable here: one tiny bite of one kind led to eating the whole piece. Then added another bite of a different kind, then whole piece. Blah, blah, blah. I always stopped when tummy started grumbling. But I certainly WASNT home free!

Doing this over the course of several days made me tired, grumpy, headachy, listless and generally couch potato-like. Did I make the choco-yucko connection? No! My brain said 'maybe you need more water, more vitamins, more calcium, more protein.....' I did all those things and still felt major yucko.

After an afternoon of just lying around moping, I cleaned the cat litter box and 'noticed' the 'pile' of gold candy wrappers among all the house mess I'd let accumulate over the past few days. Then I looked longingly at the dish of gold treasures on the counter calling my name..... maybe, just 1 more and I'll feel better......

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I KNEW I HAD to get those pesky temptations OUT of my life!!! They are not and never will be treasure for me!

I MADE myself put them in the cat litter garbage bag cuz I always immediately take that one out to the big garbage can. No opportunity for second thoughts there! emoticon

It's sorta funny (in a weird way) how HARD it was to throw away ~ 10 little pieces of choc candy. I've read stories about alcoholics unable to pour left over drinks down the drain and couldn't imagine that thinking. And here I was doing the SAME THING over food!

So: lesson reinforced that I need to practice CONSTANT VIGILANCE cuz my brain will be like a little kid: I WANT MORE!!! I WANT SWEET STUFF!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!

Today is garbage pick up day. See ya choco-kitty litter treats!!! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You made me laugh so much!!!
    Good for you! If I eat sugar I crave more sugar, and I feel horrible. I have no energy when I work out, and all my inflammatory issues return, like shin splints, plantar faciitis etc. My last Diet Holiday at my mom's is just not worth it.
    1682 days ago
    Great job on ultimately managing those pesky chocolates!
    1682 days ago
    Thats the way to handle the situation. Way to go!
    1682 days ago
    Moderation is key. I eat all sorts of "bad" foods, but I do it in a way that fits my lifestyle. If I want a "treat" I plan for it. It is when we find ourselves eating too many of these treat foods that it is a problem.

    And yes... dumping the cat litter on them is a great way to ensure that it stays where it belongs - I have done that many times!

    You are doing a terrific job! Don't let a small incident derail you. Remember.... it took you a lifetime to establish these behaviors, they are not going to change over night.

    1682 days ago
    We have a rule at our house either all party food leaves with the guest, is taken down to the food pantry or thrown away when they go out the door. Other wise the food talks to me you know eat me. You are strong and did the right thing. I tell my husband that we need to keep adding new rules for our new thiner life. emoticon emoticon
    1682 days ago
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