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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom has been steadily improving and the speech therapist is ready to let her go home. But the meeting with the Occupational and Physical Therapists did not get her the release date yet. When she was told this she had an out burst, "THAT'S BULLSHT!" Look, as I see it, if my 92 year old stroke victim mother can call bullsht when she sees it, it's time to send her home.

Actually she is a little frightened that an attempt is being made to make her a permanent resident. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
I took the bathtub to Maryland Recycling. And the scrapped steel bikes and the bathroom brass. The steel they wouldn't take. They would take it at their Glen Burnie location for about $0.10/ pound. Ten dollars. That might pay for my gasoline. The brass was $1.60/pound for 15.5 pounds so about $25. The cast Iron? A big 275 pound cast Iron tub? (Not the 400 I thought it was) a whole $0.08/ pound. Hey, look, that's $22 I didn't have before and the tub is gone. Win-win.

So $47 for scrap metal. Who wants to go to lunch?
I am heading for Denver tomorrow. Dave and Carolyn are celebrating three years on Wednesday. I would have gone out on Thursday, but I decided to give them a night out because that's just the guy I am. On Saturday, I run the Area 13.1 Denver in Castle Rock. On Sunday I drive to Bowman ND where I will on Monday start another five states in five days series. North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska. Half Marathons all.

And I get to visit Colin.
I just looked at the mail. There was a piece of junk mail from Digestive Disease Associates, PA. Except it wasn't junk mail. Has it really been five years since the last time I went in for my family photos? Yep. It's time for another colonoscopy.

What fun. I hope I can get as excited about it as Ozzie Osborne does in those commercials ... CBS Cares!
And speaking of missives. This is politics. I usually stay away from that here, but it is worth sharing regardless of your opinion.

I feel very strongly that we should not get involved in Syria. No matter who we help we would be helping the bad guys. It's a bad choice.

I feel so strongly I contacted my Representative, Elijah Cummings, and my Senators, Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin. (Babs, by the way, the senile old bat, favors bombing Syria. She never got my vote before so she didn't actually lose it.)

Representative Cummings sent me a nice canned, thank-you-for-contacting-me-yo
tant-to-me auto acknowledgement of receipt.

Senators Mikulski and Cardin didn't even deign to say Boo! to me.

Today I got a response from Representative Cummings ... by the way, I never call my delegate to the House of Representatives "Congressman." Always "Representative" because that is the job and I want them to remember that.

So the response from Representative Cummings began:

"Dear Timothy:

"Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding H.R. 2548, the Electrify Africa Act of 2013. I appreciate hearing from my constituents regarding the issues pending before the Congress."

Ummmmm. Wait a minute. I thought Syria was in Asia. I didn't say anything about Electrifying Africa. Did Cummings or his staff even *read* my correspondence? I didn't think so, but it clearly was very important to him because his computer said so.

But since you brought that up, Representative, vote "No" on that Electrify Africa thingy, too, because as long as we have this sequester we can't afford plugging Africa in when people's lights are being turned out here at home.

Frankly, I found my Senators' non-responses far less insulting than what Representative Cummings and staff did. Oh well. He won't be losing my vote because he never got it before.

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