Name change and progress

Monday, September 09, 2013

I changed my screen name to TIFFANIE150 because that is my goal weight. 150-ish

Also! I weighed in this morning and down to 182.4

Haven't seen that weight in a while. Feeling pretty good about that. This week worked really well for me. I ate according to my Primal Guidelines with the exception of allowing one sweet and one bread for the whole week.

This way of eating kept me from binging. It also lowered my sugars and carbs considerably. I feel really good. My energy levels are soaring. My skin is feeling good and glowy too. Gotta love that!

Tonight is my group training. I am looking forward to it. Ironic, last week, I didn't have time to exercise except once so I strictly watched my food. I lost weight. Ha!

What they say really is true, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. Both are important, but it starts with NUTRITION.

Good day all!
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