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Monday, Monday

Monday, September 09, 2013

I have not started my day yet, I just finished eating breakfast and taking medication. Makes the 4th morning in a row that I have not had to take the one medication. My pulse rate has been under 60 every time I have taken it, so one less pill to get choked down.
Yesterday I made an apple cobbler from some of the apples that I picked and during the process had bruised. Even Jeff liked it. The next time I make one I will not worry about the crust , just make the fillling. When I go to the store today I will look at some brown sugar substitute and go from there. My blood sugar has been running a little higher than I like it to, so need to do some assessing to see where I can cut out stuff that makes it high
When Jeff gets back from having his blood work done, I will be heading into the Y and after I finish there, going to the store. Need to get milk and bread and I don't know what else, I will check with Jeff before I go because he is the one who needs catered to..
I sent a buch of grapes home with Michael yesterday and some green peppers and apples. I would have sent a zucchini, but forgot it. Ohh well that is the way the cookie crumbles some time.
I did get the swim suit that I left at Michaels so got busy last night and did a load of clothes and got the towels and two swim suits all done up and ready to wear this week.
I like to rinse one out and hang it on the line for a couple of days while wearing another one. It makes them smell so much fresher and then once a week put them through the washer. I believe it makes them last longer. Although, I expect to have to trade in the two I have for smaller sizes before much longer and hopefully when that time comes I will be able to find one at the stores. There is a store at the mall that has them longer than walmart and the other stores around. If I can't find any guess I will have to check on line.
I am looking to the future and planning for that day.
As soon as Jeff gets back, I will be on my way to see what kind of trouble I can get into.
Tomorrow I see the dr to see what the mri showed. I hope that it is a simple fix for my foot and then I will be able to walk without all the pain. Last night the foot kept me awake for hours and there was nothing I could do for it. I am out of pain medication and I cannot take aspirin products. Say a prayer for me that the doctor can get it all straightened out for me. I know that losing weight will help. I have lost 3 lbs but that is only the start. It puts me at a little handicap when it comes to walking as part of my exercise routine. In fact I don't walk any more than I have to for even daily living and I can tell the difference. The water aerobics don't help the foot, but it does make it a little less painful while I am doing them to put weight on the foot.
Need to get up and get the clothes folded and see what I am going to wear.
Thanks for letting me ramble on.
God bless
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