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Your mind- friend or enemy?

Monday, September 09, 2013

Today I'll "deviate" from my "fun and interesting" items I usually post to try and give folks a smile for their day.

I read another blog by Cybershell that made me think a bit. It was a good blog and I'd like to add my "2 cents worth" to her thoughts.
Your senses do make a difference to how you perceive things, but even more so is what your mind can do.

I teach piano lessons and one of the things I've learned is I do not allow my students to say (or think) "that looks hard". I know most of their songs backwards and forwards after 30 yrs. of teaching and I know which are "hard" and which are "easy". They can fool you. One may look hard and actually be easy, and vice versa. I learned years ago the minute I allowed a child to think a song was hard, even tho an easy song they had difficulty with it! Now the minute they say anything along those lines I remind them of the "rule". Not allowed to think that way. They often have experienced that same thing, a song looks hard, then turns out to be easy, so they know what I am telling them. It makes a huge difference.

Now, why (you may be asking) am I telling you this? Because the same thing applies throughout life. If we perceive that something will be hard for us, we automatically make it difficult! But if we can make ourselves approach things with an open mind we will find we can do things that may surprise us. Our minds are wonderous things, but they can also be our enemies if we let them. If you let a child (or yourself) look at a new food and think "I am not going to like this", already you have set yourself up to not like it. I was a tough mom, my kids were not allowed to say "I don't like that". I'd seen too many rude children (and even adults) at my table and I didn't want my kids to do that at other people's houses. So, the rule was, you say that, you get another spoonful. They learned not to say that, and to eat what was there. Now they both like nearly everything and like to try new things. I was not unreasonable- I didn't give them things like raw onions, or hot, spicy foods, etc. I'm talking about things like broccoli and brussel sprouts. Yes, we LOVE brussel sprouts. It's one of our favs! We sometimes have it as a treat for Christmas!
If you have issues with new foods, or trying a new exercise, or whatever it may be, try going to it with a new outlook. You might be surprised.
Good luck, Sparkie friends.
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    I can relate to the music, I've never thought of a sheet of music as being hard, I know it can be broken down into manageable sections some taking longer to learn. I've had music that at first glance, that "looks" easy, or looks "hard". But it isn't the case. Slow music can be the hardest to master, if you want to use the word "hardest", I tend to just think it takes longer, because saying it's hard gives you the feeling that it might be impossibly hard to learn, and I just don't like that feeling...I like "takes longer" to learn. And when things take longer, it brings to my mind that Patience is a Virtue, and it's fruit is sweet.
    2018 days ago
    My mom was like that. I had to try something before I could say I didn't like it. I spent many a night sitting at the dinner table because of my refusal to eat something. My mom sat there with me, just one more bite and you can leave the table.

    Now as an adult, there are foods I do not like, but I'm willing to try anything once. I always liked fruits and vegetables and I like trying new ones when I get the chance. I'm still kind of picky, but if someone puts a plate in front of me of something I don't like, I eat it anyway. It sucks, but that's just what I do. I don't complain, I just do it.

    It's an interesting concept to incorporate into weight loss. I think anyone who was raised with this mentality can easily make the transition. Thanks for posting your thoughts, I never thought about it that way!

    2022 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    You are absolutely right. Closed mind is a scary thing as it breeds negativity.
    I'm starting the change in myself and slowly spread the "positive energy" around me.
    May more people adopt this attitude and make our lives brighter and the world a better place.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2022 days ago
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