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Sunday, September 08, 2013


10 Life Lessons Learned
From a Grove of Giant Sequoias

In the hushed silence of the forest deep within Sequoia National Forest, life lessons were whispered from amazing heights as these elderly giants grew magnificently heavenward.

1. Be ever observant and aware of the Majesty that surrounds you.

2. A spirit of wonder and childlike delight will serve you and your community in ways that an adult may not understand until taking action and dwelling deeply in this spirit.

3. Beauty of this magnitude is effortless. It manifests simply by being, not by striving or struggling.

4. Growth continues over time, whether the life span is 15 years, 50 years, 85 years or 2,000 years, like the oldest Sequoias. When growth stops, breath stops.

5. Surrounding yourself with others who share a similar mission and message will increase the effectiveness of each one of you. You will encourage each other's growth, support each other's vision and purpose, and in allowing each other to be who you were meant to be, the outcome is a masterpiece that could not be accomplished as a solo act.

6. Choose the soil you plant your seed in carefully. Sequoias need a very specific soil to root in and remain healthy. Tend your soil. Plant yourself with loving care, not fearful acceptance of what is offered.

7. Delight in hospitality as you share what you offer to people who come to enjoy and learn from you. Spread your beauty and knowledge. Allow others to bask in your shade, soak up your radiance and take lots of notes and pictures.

8. Give shelter and comfort with care and compassion. Invite people to become empowered to their own brand of greatness, without expectation. Gratefully receive the same from someone else in your circle of friends and associates.

9. Remain steadfast and deeply rooted. Do not follow fads or false teachers. Listen carefully. Dance with the wind but do not be swayed by it.

10. Believe that the qualities you possess are truly magnetic. People will be amazed. They will travel for miles to hear the message: to see it, touch it, dwell in it, and breathe it in, deeply.

by Julie Jordan Scott

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