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Sunday, September 08, 2013

emoticon I LOVE information! Inquiring minds NEED to know! I've always been naturally inquisitive, perhaps it was my mother's photo-journalism background. She too..always wanted to know the what, where, and whys of things.

So...when I came across a GREAT 'More' magazine article about four snappy, gorgeous (and thin) women with their weight loss secrets you KNOW I'm going to read it. AND...if it's full of good stuff to help my spark buddy's you are gonna know about it also.

I love 'More' magazine because it's directed at the more mature woman and has the BEST articles..you should check it out sometime.

I love the way it starts out telling us that sometime around age 40 or 45 we wake up one morning and find ourselves facing a labor problem...our metabolism has staged a work slowdown. Don't we KNOW all about that? I never had to even think about my weight until I got into my mid to late 40's or so.

That is about the time that I realized I liked to eat more than I liked to move. BAD combo right? emoticon

It's also the time that we sold our big construction business and after being in that line of work for SO many years I kind of felt like I lost my identity. Funny how you can so self identify with a career. We built this beautiful house which was a great distraction for about a year or so...(the one we are now fighting so hard now to keep) and I had to completely reinvent myself as to what I'd do next.

The hubs kept busy overseeing our SIL who had purchased our business and he still stayed active out on the construction sites...but ME...who did all the marketing, sales and bookkeeping which was a heap of responsibility... was a little lost.

I cut back on many of the luncheons and social networking I had always done to market our business...I spent more time doing the creative things I loved and was pretty happy redirecting my energies into my jewelry line and decorating the new digs. BUT...those efforts were MUCH more sedentary than my former active life. Inactivity breeds weight gain.

Your metabolic rate - the total number of calories the body burns every day dips 2-4% a decade starting in our TWENTIES...yikes...this causes a big shift in your muscle-flab ratio.

Every 10 years we lose 5-7 pounds of muscle replaced by fat and this exchange continues for the rest of our lives. We all know that lean muscle is a champ at calorie burn and fat is a slacker! emoticon emoticon I HATE slackers, don't you?

A pound of muscle burns 14 calories and hour...a pound of fat burns 3...get the picture here yet? emoticon

When I was moderately active burning about 2,000 calories a day at 25...even eating the EXACT same way and exercising the EXACT same way...I'd only be burning 1900 calories a day at age 35...and at age 45 only 1800. NO FAIR... emoticon

After menopause our estrogen and progesterone drop so our metabolic rate dips even lower. When this happens we require about 70 calories LESS a day just to maintain body weight.

About 50% of women gain about 10-15 pounds during the 10 year perimenopause and menopause period of their lives. I'm NOT liking this news...but it is important to understand and know about if we expect to reverse it.

We need to rev up our basal metabolic rate BMR which is the resting rate of calorie burn even when you are just sitting on the sofa reading a book. This BMR accounts for 60-75% of our daily calorie expenditure. This is just for basic body housekeeping...pumping blood, breathing and maintaining body temperature. An additional 10% of your daily calories are spent on digesting food. The balance of your calorie tally-15-30% is expended through movement, from tapping your feet to music, or training for a half-marathon.

The whole goal is to increase the number of calories burned in these area. So you need to eat and work out SMARTER...and that is something different in each one of us.

Ladies start your engines....here's some inspiration for you on how others achieved some pretty smokin' hot looks! I wish I could post their pics...but you'll just have to trust me..they look HOT! emoticon

First beauty: Rita age 52 height: 5'5" Used to weigh: 169 lb. now weighs: 133 lb

Her secret: Constant movement

One hour POWER walk every day...but then at then at 152 lbs she hit a plateau..so she added some mini bursts of running intervals to the walking program. Since she works at a sedentary job she got up from her desk and paced for a few minutes every hour. Bounced in her chair and replaced her coffee break with a 15 minute walk outdoors..

These clever additions changed her NEAT level (no-exercise activity thermogenesis. NEAT is all the movement you engage in that isn't actually exercise. The average person can boost her daily energy expenditure by 350 calories by just getting off your bottom and standing up.

Rita was inspired by a compact size gadget called the Gruve Personal Activity Monitor (gruve.com) don't you know WHO is ordering one of those today? It counts the calories you burn throughout the day, and as the number rises the color changes from red to orange to yellow to blue to YAY...green! You can program it so the device vibrates reminding you to get up and GET moving! Mini-bursts of activity DO work! I love my Fitbit...but she is a silent partner...I need a NAGGING partner too! emoticon

This is pretty interesting too...in a new study from the Univ. of Copenhagen it was found that participants who worked out at a moderate intensity for 30 min. a day actually lost more weight than those who worked out vigorously for 60 minutes a day. Why? The study suggests that the moderate exercisers were more active throughout their entire day whereas as is human nature...we tell ourselves that if we bust our tushies for an HOUR...we are done for the day and don't push ourselves to remain active and can sit on our laurels for the rest of the day.

Since my blogs get SO long...I'll end this for today...but stay tuned for more INTERESTING information on how these ladies have been successful in their weight loss journey...

Inquiring minds NEED to know right? emoticon emoticon

I've taken up 'foot tapping' whilst computer writing.....it takes more coordination than you'd expect...but ANYTHING for a few more calories expended! emoticon
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