"Fat" Girls night out, and guilt guilt guilt

Sunday, September 08, 2013

"It's our Girl's Night Out! We should pig out if we want to!" Said my (well-meaning) best friend to me yesterday as I listlessly picked at french fries on my plate at the local restaurant. There was a huge platter of nachos in the middle of the table, and there was excited talk of going to the ice cream parlor across the street later in the evening.
That statement about ruined my night, for some strange reason. I had about 10 french fries, a bite of the ice cream (literally just a spoon full my friend pressed on me) and a few sips of hot chocolate, since I love hot chocolate and never drink it due to my lactose intolerance. Of course, I shouldn't have had any of that. I should've stuck with hot tea (unsweetened). I should've eaten dinner before leaving. I should've... just done better. Leaving the restaurant, I felt the food coalesce in my tummy like a giant lead ball. I felt nauseated, and terribly guilty. Guilty for eating stuff that's not good for my body, and guilty for being a party pooper for my friends, who felt like I was not having a great time. The problem was... maybe I wasn't. Maybe I was just a tiny bit jealous watching the girls scarf down huge ice cream-and-waffle plates. Maybe I really wanted some nachos. I'm not sure - the nachos looked revolting and the ice cream would've caused a major stomach ache (even one tiny bite made me feel very uncomfortable today).
Since I am a big proponent of better planning, next time my friends and I have a girl's night out (if they invite me again!) I will plan better.
1. I will try to eat before we go
2. I will drink tea instead of hot chocolate
3. I will change my mindset and try to enjoy being with friends instead of focusing on all the yummy things I can't eat.
4. If all else fails, I will split that ice cream with someone, and have a totally justified tummy ache the next morning.
Hopefully this week would be nutritionally better for me, since last week was a nutritional disaster. Happy Sunday, Spark Folks!
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    I'm with the others on planning a different kind of girls's night once in a while. Who doesn't love a mani/pedi?!!

    It's tough when you change your lifestyle and those around here don't get it. Hang in, keep taking care of yourself and enjoy your friends.

    Great blog! You have a good plan there for next time.
    1745 days ago
    For the most part we tie good times in with eating & drinking so it stands to reason why your girlfriends wanted to pig out. You just have to be the responsible eater & show them that the night isn't about eating but enjoying fun with your girls the "spark" way....

    God bless,

    1747 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    It sounds like these friends are all about eating for fun. Now that you are in your new lifestyle, you see this and maybe wonder what else you all could be doing during that time? Do you ride bikes, walk, kayak, go to a playground, swim, even Wii?
    You also know the stats on hanging out with people that are overweight or overindulgent. You have a 51% higher chance of gaining, as opposed to hanging out with those that do something and make healthy choices.
    Could you have a BYO night with fruits, veggies, healthy smoothies,etc? Movies, and healthy choices, or a spa night with all of that? Mani-pedis, facials, massages in somebody's house? Just an idea...
    1747 days ago
    First off.. you have to do what makes you happy and take care of you ..

    Maybe we can't enjoy all things but planning means you can enjoy without overindulging..

    What about you plan the next girls night and find something with food and activity like bowling a maybe a fun dance lesson.. or in lots of towns they have this art class .. you learn to paint and get to take it home and they serve wine with it ..

    just some ideas.. but all in all it is up to you and you have to do what is best for you and makes you happy and able to live with yourself.

    hugs ,
    1747 days ago

    This is a tough situation, Precious girl! I know that I've LOVED having "fat night" with my friends and it was certainly a subtle form of sabotage and also just the way that we connect. Our overweight becomes "okay" when we stick together and indulge.
    I hope that you can make all of the changes necessary to your new healthier lifestyle, without it affecting your relationships. That said, people don't like change, so don't be surprised if your friends keep pushing the food on you!

    Love, Ginger
    1747 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    1747 days ago
    I like number three!
    1747 days ago
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