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Getting Sparked By My Sparky!

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

I adopted Sparky at the end of January of this year... and he has become like my child lol. I wish I could take credit for his awesome name, but it was already his name from his previous owners who could no longer keep him. If that wasn't a sign that he was meant to be my fur baby, I don't know what is. emoticon

Since then he has kept me accountable with our daily walks. On the days I work my brother or mom come over and make sure he gets his walk. So he knows, come 9-11 pm, someone will be there to take him for his walk. He also can sense when I might be getting lazy, because he will make sure to whimper if it's approaching 11pm and we haven't left yet. He gently reminds me that it's time to get off my tush! emoticon

Sparky eats in the afternoon when I wake up (since I work nights), and if I sleep in a little late he is patient to a point, and then if I push it too far, he let's me know that he's hungry. He gets excited to eat, he loves his food, he wags his tail and he gets to his bowl and he chows down. But his daily walk is the world to him. If he even begins to think I might be flaking, he will let me know, and get all crazy. One day he walked right over to his leash, sniffs it, as if he was saying "It's still here, so what's the problem?!"

So I am trying to take a page out of Sparky's book. I can like to eat, I can thoroughly enjoy it, I can eat yummy things and then move on with my day. But the real adventure is the ACTIVITY. It's more fun, it gets us moving, our hearts pumping, and we have a great sense of pride and accomplishment after we complete it!

For someone who was/is an emotional eater (and still battle it today), it was a huge thing to me to take a step back and realize that food doesn't need to be the highlight to my day. There is so much more to life than just the food, and the feeling I get after I take him for a walk or do my exercise can not compete with the momentary happiness from eating any food. Don't get me wrong, I still love food and I always will, but I've been embracing that and cooking some healthier options and really experimenting with what I want to eat. Yesterday I made a steak sandwich that was to die for. emoticon

So let's all take a lead from Sparky emoticon and get out there and be active today, and let's enjoy it while we're at it! emoticon

^Sparky if he doesn't get his walk. emoticon
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