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Friday, September 06, 2013

The girls and I have all had our "time of the month" this week so we haven't lost weight very fast this week but after losing so much so fast, that isn't a problem for me. Our official 2 week totals are:

Me 20.5 lbs gone
Gini 21 lbs gone
Harmoni 23 lbs gone

I am feeling more and more at ease and comfortable with this as a new lifestyle. Not straight juicing but definitely healthy whole-foods, plant based diet. Not straight Vegan but I am so over poisonous, processed JUNK posing as food. The other day when we ate, it was quite obvious that our taste buds have already changed. We can actually taste food again and even though we were only eating fresh fruits, veggies and some boiled eggs and a bit skinless chicken breast boiled in broth, our taste buds have changed dramatically. We didn't need to add a bunch of salt or sugar for things to taste "right." And it took a WHOLE lot less to fill us up.

We have all heard the statistics about losing the weight too fast makes it more likely that you will put it right back on but I have come to believe that putting the weight back on has a whole lot more to do with what you eat after you "finish your diet" than what you ate while you were "dieting" or how fast you lost it. I am not on a diet. I am retraining my body to a different way of eating. I'm reminding my body (and my body is reminding me!) that it is perfectly capable of healing itself and functioning beautifully as long as I give it the nutrients it needs.

Did I mention that my blood pressure is now normal WITHOUT MEDICATION? That's in two weeks, folks. Two weeks. Doctor says keep checking it daily and take a pill if it goes up but so far it hasn't gone up in 5 days. And I haven't had to take pain reliever upon waking for a week. That's after a couple of years of waking up in terrible pain every single day. I haven't taken a pain pill of any kind in a week. So let the naysayers say what they will. I know when my body is singing. And me? I'm just gonna keep singing along.
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