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Friday, September 06, 2013

Ok for our between round breaks we are using our mileage to visit each other I am here to show you my area!!!

So I live in Lake Jackson Tx. It is about 45 minutes or so south of Houston! We are about 10 minutes or so from the Gulf of Mexico.

We are a small town of about 25,000 people. But the area which includes several small towns is the Brazosport Area. We are home of Dow Chemical! Here is a picture of it as I was driving home yesterday. It is actually huge...pretty much stretches from one end of town to the next 2. A giant city all it's own. Scary if something happens to it we are all in is a pic of a part of it:

Now we love our crawfish down here:

here I am at our crawfish boil a few years ago:

Here is some beach is Martin at the beach actually:

Here is the access to the beach after Hurricane Ike...knock on wood we don't have one of these again for awhile:

Now our town has a weird little thing...all the streets are trees or flowers or "ways" Such as Anyway, This Way, Circle Way...

We also celebrate the mosquito by having a festival for it...the Great Texas Mosquito Festival...if we can't beat them we celebrate them I guess!

Here is an alligator that hangs out at the golf course:

A few more random ones...we have a lake where they found a wooly mammoth and now it is a scuba lake. This also shows you how flat we are here!! Not a bump in sight...LOL!!!

And a picture of the bayou that kind of runs through town...Martin's parents have this in their back yard

ok well I think that kind of shows you what it looks like down here!! Come on down and hang out with me a bit!!!
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