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Thursday, September 05, 2013

So everyone, big news. My boyfriend Scott and I bought a house together :) YAY! we moved in last week Wednesday and have been adjusting slowly and get a normal routine.

Part of the adjusting also has to do with our eating habits, now I have to grocery shop for the two of us and plan meals that we both like and are healthy. Fortunately, even though Scott is incredibly fit and can eat all the junk in the world yet never gains a pound (so jealous), he is totally on board and has so far been encouraging me and talking more with me about what i am eating and when.

this week i avoided treats from the break room at work and had one soda the entire week! that's huge for me. I also starting taking fitness classes 2 nights a week and i'm so encouraged by them. The people and the class itself constantly motivate me not to slip up. I did kettleball training and kickboxing for the first time tonight and i can't say it was all that enjoyable but i feel awesome now and i think it helped me blow off some steam which i totally needed. I also need to go get more groceries and didn't plan a single meal today but ended up doing very well. I only slept for a couple hours last night so I thought today would be hard and i did crave a soda in the afternoon but i worked through it. and i'm honestly pretty proud about it.

oh and i have a fun story for you all :) so last thursday (the day after we bought the house) Scott and I accidentally locked ourselves out of the house, yes seriously. it was hot so we were unpacking the truck and put both sets of keys on the counter and he shut the door since our air conditioning was on and yeah.. we were locked out. I about died laughing before calling my father to come help us break into our new house. while we were waiting for him Scott is coming up with ideas of how to get into the house and he decided he would cut a whole in the wall fromt he garage that leads to a closet in the house.. i seriously said "no scott you are not cutting a whole into our house" about 10 times lol Mr fix it (my dad) was able to get our sliding glass door to unlock and we were back in business. Then we went and got a copy made so if it happens again my dad could just stop over to unlock the door.
Then we go run a couple errands and came back, the lock on the door would not unlock with my key no matter how much i wiggled the key or pushed on it, it would not unlock the effin door. thankfully scott left our sliding glass door open just in case because he had problems with the lock on the first day. So not even 2 hours after breaking into our house, off we were to get all new locks and keys for the outside doors of the house. haha it was an absolute comedy and we have just laughed at all the little dumb things that have gone wrong which has been fun.

all in all things are going well and i'm hoping to get my meal planning and fitness routines down before the holidays so i dont gain weight.

I'm hoping to lose about 20 pounds at the end of this fitness class i'm doing but i wont let myself get on the scale until i've done 2 weeks of classes. i also want to take pictures once a week to see if there is a noticeable difference at the end so i will definitely post them once I finish the class.

So now i just have to learn how to plan meals and cook ha easier said than done but i'm working on it.

thanks for listening to my rambling and have a great night everyone :)

btw i'm already at 250 fitness minutes and its only the 5th :) thats a huge improvement from the last few months
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    Wow - a new house! That is awesome! Congrats!

    And hilarious about locking yourself out several times, I can imagine that was quite a day lol!

    Planning meals DEFINITELY helps. Pinterest is my best friend for easy recipes! I KNOW I don't do as well on weeks when I fail to plan meals. You'd be surprised how many quick & easy healthy recipes there are - you just have to do a little work in advance!

    Good luck!
    1718 days ago
    i remember when I bought my first house. i got the keys at closing, and went straight to Home Depot and bought new outside locks for all the outside doors. never had to worry about who might have a copy of my house keys.
    1718 days ago
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