The Parable of the Tomatoes

Thursday, September 05, 2013

It's been raining here for days. Anything done outside has to be done during the brief moments of sunshine between downpours, lest you get soaked or, more seriously, struck by the amazing lightning that's been blasting our county left and right.

I got home from work where my stay-at-home husband had some lovely baked chicken ready for prompt consumption, along with a selection of field greens. Some amazingly green field greens, fresh from the plastic box they came in at the market. Looking outside and looking at those incredibly green field greens, no end of green in sight, I decided to take my chances and see if the garden had anything to add.

As you can see from my picture, it did. And they were LOVELY - both to look at and to savor, lightly drizzled with blue cheese dressing.

Oddly enough, not three days ago, those tomatoes were dangling so cheekily from their respective vines, soaking up the sun, and staying AS GREEN AS THE FIELD GREENS. I've been waiting MONTHS for fresh tomatoes and, quite frankly, thought it wasn't going to happen; for months I've walked through the garden and begged my tomatoes to show some signs of being ready for salad, sauce, and soup. For months, I've thought I was doomed to keep purchasing and choking down those sawdusty, "ripened-in-storage-oops-I-mea
n-on-the- vine" tomato travesties.

Then, overnight, it happened.

In the midst of thunder and lightning and the sequel to Noah's Flood, there they were, in all of their tomatoey goodness. And as I devoured them, I completely forgot all the months of what seemed like no activity whatsoever.

So, what does this have to do with rain?

Nothing. It just happens to be unseasonably wet here right now. I don't actually think there's a connection.

What does this have to do with my struggling presence on SparkPeople?


I am a results person. Always have been. I push a button, and the computer comes on...or explodes; either way, there is a prompt result. I log my food religiously? Pounds go down. I exercise like a born-again fanatic? Arm flab flaps a little less.

Or at least that's supposed to be how it goes.

After 45, maybe 50 pounds, gaining 30 back then losing those, I've found myself in a quandary, a diet quagmire. (And, by the by, "diet" actually DOES mean "lifestyle", so I don't have a problem using the word.) I watch my food intake, and even post it for the world to see, I burn THOUSANDS of calories a week...and NOTHING.

But my tomatoes reminded me that color can change overnight, or what seems like overnight. But what seems like overnight to me is the end result of a long, drawn out process of chemical reactions, cell division, growth, maturity... the visible change being the last thing to happen.

So, like my lovely, garden fresh tomatoes, I'll keep reminding myself that even though I can't SEE a change, the invisible process is still chugging away and, one morning in the near or distant future (which would make it winter in any case and very likely damp and rainy, complete with mad thunder and lightning), the change will be visible and I will be enjoying a new pair of pants.

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