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First Chemo Session Done!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hi Sparkfriends,

I have a special distribution list on my email that I send out periodic cancer updates to my family and some special friends. Here is a copy of what I sent to them earlier this evening. It covers all the basics of what happened today without going into the emotional part very much.

Here goes.....

Well, the good news is I got my first chemo today and I feel fine! Actually, they gave me a lot of antinausea drugs and well as some drugs to ward off allergic reactions. I have more antinauseas drugs to take over the next three days whether I feel nauseated or not. They say it's easier to prevent that to hold back if it starts.

Jim and I learned this morning that I didn't get into the arm of the clinical trial that is taking the experimental drug. I could have been in the clinical trial without the drug, but Jim and I had talked extensively about that possibility. We both felt that the con's far outwayed the pros of staying in the trial since it would have involved more trips to Nashville and a couple biopsies. If we had lived in Nashville, we might have felt differently about staying in the trail just to help others, but we decided against that. We immediately told them we were dropping out of the trial and they were very nice and understanding. I have a feeling that happens a lot with people who aren't getting the drug.

Since I dropped out of the trial, I had a choice of which chemo to do first. The two oncologists involved in helping me make the decision were completely neutral and told me they were willing to give the chemos in the order I prefered. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to stick with getting Taxol first. I get it weekly for 12 weeks. After I finish the Taxol, the plan is to go over to something called AC for four rounds. That drug, I would only get every two or three weeks depending on dosage. It's a stronger drug in terms of reactions, but they both have a lot of drugs to conteract adverse reactions.

I'm feeling very relieved and, of course, very happy that I feel so good at this point. The side effects are cumulative, so I may be signing a very different tune further on down the road. In the meantime......

Life is good!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What has happened is the chemo pre-drugs have worn off. I always felt a bit floaty on Friday, then good Saturday and Sunday and then usually crashed a bit Sunday night or Monday morning, then better again Tuesday. You will have lots of good days and it sounds like you've figured out lots of ways to fill them. Great job! I sent you a private message on sparkmail too on Saturday. I don't know if you read it yet but I'm more than willing to share/encourage and yep, I do relate to counting down the time.
    1750 days ago
  • OWL_20
    emoticon ! Glad you have a good start to the chemo business. You have such a positive attitude and thoughtful approach to all of this--I can only think that will carry you through some of the tougher moments. Take care! emoticon
    1750 days ago
    I saw on your status that your first few days have been going well and that made me glad...continuing to keep you in prayer, Kay. Thanks for taking the time to keep us here on SP in the loop!
    emoticon emoticon
    1750 days ago
    Wishing you all the best!
    1751 days ago
    1752 days ago
    Keeping positive thoughts for you. emoticon
    1752 days ago
    Praying for you Kay....

    Loving Hugs,
    1752 days ago
    OMG, Kay, I didn't know what was going on with you. I've been very inactive on SP lately due to caring for my mother with dementia. I am back on again and am keeping you in my prayers for this horrible disease you are dealing with. Take care sweetie!

    emoticon emoticon
    1752 days ago
    I am glad you are doing ok!
    I think for me, the scariest chemo I ever had was before my very first one 10 years ago, because I didn't know what to expect. I did get sick from it, but I dealt with the rest of the treatments better because knowing what to expect helped a lot.

    I had to start back on chemo almost 3 1/2 years ago, and I've been on several kinds since then. I don't get as nervous starting a new one now, but I do get a little anxious with the first of a new treatment until it's out of the way and I know what to expect. emoticon
    1752 days ago
    Wishing you relief and health.
    1752 days ago
    Hi beautiful Kay...I got your e-mail and responded to you through that...but it's important to get some love on your spark page here goes!

    Bumps in the road are always there, but we can figure out a way to walk around them. You will do that...because you have ALWAYS done that.

    When hair falls out it comes back stronger and even more beautiful than before and I've heard sometimes you even lose the graying process..can't be a bad thing now can it?

    This 'kindness' session is teaching you that it's okay to just focus on your body and go into a real love Kay for all she's worth'...and believe me..that is A LOT....deep, deep, fulfilling, and gratifying stuff. Right now it's ALL about Kay..something that is also a new and deeply gratifying life lesson for you.

    We are always afraid of the unknown...right you are facing the unknown..but you are blessed to have so many beautiful sparkling friends that have broken the trail before you. I always say...what's life if you don't wander off the broken path sometimes and explore some of the beauty off the'll get to see wild and surprising views not normally seen by most's exciting!

    The fact that so many sparklers are sharing their wisdom with you is GOLD!

    Never have one doubt in your mind that you won't come through this little test even more loving and thankful for your beautiful life and the one's you love are a winner!

    Most important...I LOVE YOU! You have always inspired me (from day one back in our SoulCollage days) as the 'real deal' in a humanoid...and you continue to inspire me...this is refreshing and so very gratifying to me! I may have a tough row to hoe right now too...but your strength and fortitude makes my challenges look pretty wimpy. You are a fantastic role model my friend!

    Again...and remember this every minute of your every are awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Praying for the best for you. emoticon
    1753 days ago
    keep fighting and praying for best outcome.
    1753 days ago
    I'm glad it went well today and am so grateful that there are meds to help fight the nausea. Also glad you're a cooperative patient who will take the drugs sooner than later. I know pain is much harder (sometimes impossible) to control once it's allowed to begin..sounds like the same principle you're dealing with.

    You and hubby are a great team and making good choices even when you're disappointed. I admire you very much and hope you know how very many people are praying for you & sending positive energy your way every day (like me!) Have a good day tomorrow!
    Hugs! emoticon
    1753 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1753 days ago
    1753 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1753 days ago
    I understand the emotional parts that are left unsaid. My cousin found acupuncture to help immensely with nausea since she didn't want to take more drugs than necessary. Big hug, Kay.
    1753 days ago
  • MICHELE142

    Glad everything started off well for you. Stay as Positive as you are now and everything will be in your favor. emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Was going to send this privately but couldn't figure out how to do it. Just wanted to let you know your chemo is just exactly like mine except I had AC first and taxol second, also had plenty of anti nausea and anti reaction drugs. My first wasn't bad, 2nd was a little worse (that's when hair falls out and maybe your body adjusts to being on chemo) and then i actually got better. I'm hoping for the same for you. Re: hair question the other day. Haircut was a good idea and when your hair actually falls out is traumatic but you will get through it. I had hubby cut/shave it because the slow process was getting to me. I tried to pull it out and even though I pulled for hours, so much more hair remained so I just had him shave it and then I just had a bit of a pity party and then was ok. Each chemo I knew was closer to the end and like I said before, attitude is everything. Please feel free to send me a sparkmail with any other questions. I'll be glad to share my experience i any way that might help you. Praying for great results and killing off those cancer cells.
    1753 days ago
    Sounds like you made the best choice for yourself. I hope it continues a going well without too many side effects.
    1753 days ago
    HUGs and hope you sleep well and feel good in the morning. Glad it all went well. HUGS

    1753 days ago
    I'm sending you a private message so check for it in your spark mail.
    1753 days ago

    Keep fighting the good fight. I will be running a half marathon for the cause next month.

    My prayers are with you and a speedy chemo period.
    1753 days ago
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