Thursday, September 05, 2013

I received an e-mail this morning with a link to an interesting article. I had thought about putting a post on all my SparkTeams but this way is just as good to reach my SparkFriends. Here's the link.

When I read this article it actually made me nauseous. I am a Vegan and haven't eaten fish for a year now but I live with my carnivore DH and do research on the internet in an attempt to educate him. He does like some of my vegan foods I make, as long as there is no tofu in it. emoticon He is eating less meat and fish and more veggies but he made a comment when he saw "Wild Caught" on a package of frozen fish in the store 3 days ago. I guess he has never read the signs in the seafood department that says "farm raised" on some of the selections.

I am not sharing this link to try and convince any carnivore/omnivore. I am sharing it for education purposes.
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