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Day 644- What My SparkFriends Say About Me

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

When I first thought about writing this blog, it took a mood ring prediction vibe.

If you see someone who has SparkGuy and SP_Staff as some of their top friends, they are either new to the site, or haven't discovered that they can change the order of their friends.

Also, if someone only has a small number of friends they could be new, or only feel like "friending" SparkPages they truly connect with or enjoy reading.

Then you come to my page and see...1300+ SparkFriends.

And I hope people don't think less of me for that huge number. I've made it my job that every week, I friend all the people who have added me as a friend. I do this to let people know that I truly appreciate their support and also that I'd like to see their blogs and journeys as much as they like following mine.

I can't tell you how honored I feel when I visit someone's SparkPage and I'm one of the top 6 friends listed. My top 6 friends are all people I've been lucky enough to meet and be inspired by. I include them so people who come to my page can also see their pages.

When I first started SparkPeople, browsing success stories and then visiting their friends pages was how I found some of the most inspiring people here on SP. So when someone has me in their top 6, and a direct link off of their page, I just want to thank them so much for choosing me as a friend. I'm thankful for every person that has ever friended me on SP because it has allowed me to visit your page and get to know your story.

While having 1300+ friends means that I obviously can't talk to every one of my SparkFriends every day, it also means that I have an infinite amount of blogs, photos and statuses to read every second of every day. Infinite chances to offer support and infinite chances to learn something new or be inspired.

Starting on this site in December 2011, I was sure that I'd fizzle out and be as unsuccessful as I had many other times. But the first comments on photos, blogs and statuses made me realize that every hour of every day, someone had the chance to hear my story and support me on my journey. And that was so uplifting that I just kept coming back.

I kept writing blogs in hopes of gaining good advice on my latest problems. I kept posting pictures to keep everyone up to date on my progress.

I kept tracking food and exercise because I realized people could see it.

So to my 1300+ SparkFriends, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journeys. You've all been such an important part of mine.
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