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Thursday, September 05, 2013

If I couldn’t laugh at myself, I’d be a very sad person.

My day yesterday:

Wake up, see there is an accident on the highway. Promised my coworker I’d help her with Fantasy Football signup, so I did the 2 hour round trip commute because I am a nice person (+1!) when I should have just worked from home (-1!). My right leg muscles are actually starting to ache while I’m in traffic from braking so much. Totally serious.

Grabbed a pair of socks and packed my gym bag (+1!) Later realized it was a pair of “decorative socks” and not my sports ones (-1!) Decide to still go for a long walk at lunch (+1!) and about half way through realized that I definitely got a blister from the socks (-1!) But I got to see the local volunteer fire company testing out their hose in the field next to work, in their “casual” gear. +1 for firemen!

Went to physical therapy. I was a bit early so I decided to get my eyebrows waxed so I’d feel better about myself (+1 for trying, -1 for spending the money).

Did a bunch of strength training at PT. My doc is concerned because my muscle issues keep coming back and don’t seem to be improving over time. My theracane came yesterday (+1!) and I’m going to buy a smaller strength ball like we use in training to do more work at home on my own. I don’t want to get discouraged but sometimes, like when your doc says “I’m concerned because it is a lingering problem” – it gets tough.

Drove home through traffic and decided to make my pork chops and cabbage meal. Yay for cooking at home (+1!) but didn’t realize the recipe took over an hour to cook (-1!) and I had my first fantasy draft. At one point, the meal needed to simmer for 20 minutes so I decided to multitask and take a quick shower. My BF was down with the food and said he’d keep an eye on it. I’m in the shower and clearly smell burning food… so I tear outta there and downstairs to find dinner fairly scorched. BF had nodded off on the couch (-1 for me AND bf). The pork chops themselves were still edible but I am not going to lie, I was so pissed at this point after cooking for an hour and a half that it didn’t turn out that I ended up eating some trail mix and pinot grigio for dinner. (-1? Maybe -2?) I guess the Universe was trying to smack my wrist for me trying to cook pork on Rosh Hashana (Oops… I’m only HALF Jewish Universe!)

Then it was time for Fantasy. I have never done this before. My final grade from yahoo on my draft? A D+. I pretty much FAILED fantasy football. -1.

I went to bed late (-1), Woke up at 1am feeling super sick (??), sat on the couch until 330am wondering if/when I was going to be sick, fell asleep there until 6am this morning.

So I don’t know, did I break even?!?! Probably not.

Still feeling a little off today but I have my gym bag (with proper socks!) and I’m in my black & purple for the return of the Ravens tonight!

I still have a lot on my mind. My BF’s new job is totally screwing him over. He agreed to work 9-6 during the interview process, now they are telling him that he has to work 2-11 pm. So yes – I will pretty much only see him on Saturdays. I’m really upset about this, he’s really upset about this. Last night he kept saying he’s worried about healthy eating – me at home by myself, him at work.

And I should be finding out more about my future with my job here today. I have a meeting this afternoon… just have to see what happens. Wish me luck!

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one with such a crazy life, I KNOW people have it way worse out there, but is it wrong to wish for one week of normalcy/peace/quiet?!?!?!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oooh. Sucks about the pork chops!

    What a day! Hope all is well with the job and that your BF gets some relief from that schedule switch up.
    1724 days ago
    "Casual" gear? lol!

    Good luck this afternoon!
    1724 days ago
    Well, you've seen from my blogs that my life is pretty crazy, too! It's just a never-ending list of things to deal with!
    1725 days ago
    Keep laughing and hopefully those firemen in their "casual" wear come back! My friend used to live across from a fire dept and it was kinda spectacular emoticon

    Keep focusing on those positives!
    1725 days ago
    ha you sound just like me. i'm so glad we can laugh at ourselves though.

    Sorry to hear about your PT not seeing much improvement. That sounds frustrating.

    About the bf's job thing that sucks but you will figure it out. My bf works 2pm-2am mondays-thursdays plus overtime on weekends. Its hard to get used to but you will make time for each other and it makes the little bit of time you get on the weekends that much better.Are you worried about eating healthy when he's not around? if you are maybe try to do a food blog or send a friend a pic of what you eat on voxer.
    1725 days ago
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