Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Today is New Year's Eve according to the Jewish tradition. As I sat in the service and listened to the Rabbi reflect on why last year was bad and next year will hopefully be better, I thought about how far I came this year from last year. I am almost 30lb thinner, I am finally figuring out my dietary sensitivities and allergies which is having a huge impact on my lifestyle and my health. My back is not killing me, and I can work out again. It's been a long, frustrating year with a lot of setbacks and a lot of problems, but it's been, in many ways, rewarding. During the tough times and the setbacks, I learned things about myself, the world and others. Because it was so tough, I strived harder to achieve my goals. I am hoping to take my lessons from this year into the new year. I am hoping to start the new year with gratefulness for all the things that happened to me, good or bad. It will be a tough year ahead, but if I can manage to maintain a positive attitude, and plan a few steps forward, I will do it. I am praying for a good year for the world - maybe not so many bloody conflicts all over the globe, maybe a boost in the economy, maybe an amazing new invention that improves peoples' lives. As for me, I am praying for strength and determination. Life will not get easier; I will just strive to become a better, tougher, wiser, faster, healthier and leaner person. Happy new year, SparkFolks!
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