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Get Ready: Exercising My Way Through Maintenance

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Last night, I had spin class with a couple of friends, my second time spinning. Once again, LOVE IT. Seriously, I'm addicted. There is nothing quite like pushing yourself to go harder, to feel your legs pump and burn (good burn, not painful, "I'm going to die or end up in the hospital" burn), to feel the sweat dripping down your back and shoulders.

(Not to mention I found out that spin class is a great crossfit activity for runners! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!)

What's even more awesome is that while I can "feel" my leg muscles and butt muscles, I'm not really sore at all. I don't hobble while I walk, I'm not constantly rubbing down calf muscles, and I don't feel like I'm going to pull something if I don't hold myself carefully.

I bring this up because before, if I would have tried spinning, I would be a puddle of sweat, sore and unable to move (or move well) for days.

It's absolutely amazing how adaptable the body is. I went from a size 18/20+ to a size 10 and while I have my share of stretch marks and jiggly arms, I'm blessed to not have huge pockets of skin hanging around. I also went from exercising only when my work required me (and ending up a sore sweaty mess) to working out several times a week - running 3X a week, spin class (hopefully 2X a week), and a good old fashioned walk at lunch or after dinner.

I honestly love exercise. Oh, sure, when I'm running and my legs are like, "OK, done!", I do think about stopping every other stride. Or in spin class when the instructor yells for us to turn it up AGAIN. But on the whole, exercise makes me feel great. I love pushing my body. I love sweating off the cares of the day. And I love refining my body to do better, to go farther.

The other two times I lost weight, exercise wasn't important. Sure, I might occasionally walk, but that was pretty much the extent. I did join a gym at one point and quite regularly too, but I think my heart wasn't in it. I went because I knew that I needed to exercise regularly to lose weight. I didn't go because I like to move my body and see what new things it is capable of.

When I switch from losing to maintaining, exercise is going to be a critical component of my routine. I still want to run, I still want to attend spin class. But there are other activities I'm thinking about adding to my workout:

+ Swimming
+ Zumba
+ Yoga
+ Hiking
+ Water Aerobics

I want to keep switching things up, trying new things. This isn't to lose weight or to have huge muscles. This is because I like to exercise.

So, my question to my amazing SparkFriends: what exercise do you love to pieces and want everyone to do because it is so much fun? I have a really short list of exercises to try out in maintenance, and it needs to be longer!!
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  • TINYRN2011
    If I had better access to a pool, I would swim; maybe give those joints a day off from the walking/jogging!

    1718 days ago
    swimming is less of a workout for me and more of a relaxing activity- as a former competitive swimmer, it's hard for me to call anything but hardcore competition training a workout. I love circuit training with a mix of weights and cardio intervals.
    1721 days ago
    Zumba is super fun, it doesn't matter if your like me and look like an uncoordinated baffoon, there will be other people who are having issues too. Plus, your moving to music and as my instructor says, your moving, your losing. I seriously encourage you to give biking another chance, I used to love it when I was fitter, now I get out of breath down the street. There is such a thrill when the wind is rushing by your face and you feel like you could go on forever. Anyway, good luck! emoticon
    1722 days ago
    I just started so I'm just taking multiple long walks throughout the day. I would love to get into running, spinning, learn to swim. I use to do Tai Chi and enjoyed it.
    1722 days ago
    Here is a list of exercise I like or would like to try:

    Cycling (in a park not the gym)
    Rowing (in the river not the gym)
    Nordic Walking
    nce classes (like ballroom or ciroc)
    Exercise to a DVD
    Step class in the gym
    Rock/Wall climbing (gym)

    Have fun!

    1722 days ago
    I love to dance and enjoy hiking.
    1722 days ago
    I swim most days when the pool is open, but when it's closed I have to go to the gym and lift weights.
    1722 days ago
    I need to try spinning! way to go !!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1722 days ago
    I miss swimming but don't have access to a pool. Hiking can be fun when there are no snakes around lol....
    1723 days ago
    It's addictive, right? I have a list of over 50 things I want to try. Lol! Every time a friend does something, or I see something I TV that I think I'd enjoy, I add it to the list. :)
    1723 days ago
    I like walking, but I like your list and (Tia- Chi & Chi qigong) I like the look of the exercises, how they flow 1 into the next I like your blog!
    1723 days ago
    I love hiking with my dogs but then again, I love being out in nature. I find it very peaceful. If I was in your boots, I would probably try to run to a nature area and then do a bit of hiking. Just make sure to wear long pants if you do it!

    Oh and your exercise blog reminds me a lot of a fast food commercial that has been airing recently. They refer to the 'guyet' instead of the diet which is basically balancing the naughty foods with exercise.

    Check it out!


    Of course eating junk food regularly is NOT recommended but the concept of calories in versus out is pretty entertaining hehe.
    1723 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    I miss swimming...but I absolutely love my Turbo chair aerobics....it is the most awesome exercise I have ever done

    great blog!
    1723 days ago
    Personally, I love strength training. Nothing complex - squats, deadlifts, presses, but just increasing that weight every week. It's the one thing that I miss since I got cancer and a hernia and haven't been able to do it.

    It is an incredible feeling when the muscle-bound gym rat that you've been talking to at work for the past 10 minutes realizes that you have been standing there in heels and a pencil skirt and effortlessly carrying 150lbs or so of demo equipment and brochures... The look on his face is priceless!

    Quite seriously, there is no workout that I've ever done that has made such a difference in the ease of day-to-day living. Everything from carrying groceries to moving furniture to yard work is just so much simpler when you've increased your strength.

    Of course, for sheer all-out aggressive fun, there's always kickboxing!

    Good for you for thinking about the things you want to try - it's way more fun to keep trying new things!
    1723 days ago
    I love swimming. I swam on high school varisty, and I swim now to lose weight. I started with the 0 to 1650 program to swim a mile straight to get back into it, and now I use swimplan to design workouts for me. It's such an all around workout, and I am always exhausted when I get out of the pool, but it is not hard on my joints like running and walking are! Plus you can do it year long and the weather doesn't matter!


    1723 days ago
    I miss swimming. I used to swim in HS.
    1723 days ago
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