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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So after 5 days of absolute non-stop eating, and we're not talking the low calorie nutrient dense kind, I was up about a half of a pound on the midweek. So yeah, that can mean only one thing.....

**The Dreamer has been back in the weight room**

For what I'm trying to accomplish at this point, weight loss as I have been executing it, is not going to help me much in and of itself. Even a good numerical body fat percentage, though it won't hurt, won't really help. Last time I was at 15% I liked how I looked in jeans and tshirt, but still didn't hit the beach much.

Next year, I'm going on vacation to a major beach or area with a lot of beaches. I'm looking to be really ripped and chiseled by then. This is a lot more qualitative of a goal than I'm used to. Waist and body fat percentage measurements won't be of much benefit at this point.

According to the A.C.E's website, at 21% I'm already at a good body fat percentage (18-25% is considered "acceptable), so it's not like I can use that as a motive.

This all complicated in that:
(a) My goal, even if it had a number attached to it, is very different than the norm here on SP.
(b) I don't post actual pictures of myself. Even without said pictures, losing and gaining weight or body fat percentage does mean something to anyone reading. This, not so much

When I hit 195, which I plan to in the next couple of months (3.4 pounds to go, Who hoooo!!), I plan to switch my ticker to body fat percentage. Even if it's only part of the picture, it is still something reportable.

I've admitted this to a few of my friends on here, but I'll say it out loud.

**I'm starting to struggle with my relevance here on SP.**

I'm basically a dude who is about 10-15 pounds overweight but is basically healthy. I don't really struggle with my weight. I've got a bit of flab on the midsection, but that can be worked off with the right program.

I'm more of an off-line kind of guy to begin with. I like going out and socializing. I chose SP as an online community because it was free and anonymous (WW wasn't and only kind of was). Online, I really prefer anonymity.

The reality is that if in 2009 I was where I am now, I would never have bothered joining SP. I would have just gone to the gym, gone to classes and found cliques of people doing the same exercises as I.

I believe that as I burn fat and build muscle, I can bless and be blessed for the rest of this year and well into 2014 here.

Late 2014 and 2015, though? I don't know.

I just don't know.


- TD Out!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _VALEO_
    Relevance? Norm? There are so many different members, so many different stories, so many difference weights and goals. SP is not a "Fat Club" emoticon
    "Come as you are" to quote McDonald's ad (geezzz... of all companies I had to quote this one! lol)

    No matter what our weight is we all fit in here. What matters is not the start weight, the actual weight or the goal weight ... it's not weight actually... it's the journey to health; it's what healthy choices everyone is making; what great tips they share to live a better life.
    Gaining back our health and claiming our self-esteem. Being a better version of ourselves--there is no tool to measure that.

    On your way to the Playa! emoticon
    1747 days ago
    Really, seriously, to tell the truth...
    as a founding member of the TD fan club, may I say I would really really really miss you if you dropped out of the Sparkaverse!
    But, of course, I would respect your decision.
    And, of course, we would have to throw a big party.
    With lots of low calorie, nutrient dense foods.

    1748 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/5/2013 9:52:43 PM
    Oh TD.... you aren't leaving. I mean it! :)

    If nothing else, it is probably healthy for you to come in here and blog about any frustrations you might have right? ... I know you dont NEED spark, but we need you! :D Either way, I'm super happy that you are doing so great! You are an inspiration!!
    1749 days ago
    You are such an amazing motivator and I hope you don't feel you need to leave. :( However, I understand that you need to do what is best FOR YOU! Congrats on achieving your goals!! I hope that you stay in touch :(
    1749 days ago
    **I'm starting to struggle with my relevance here on SP.**

    !!GASPS!! ... heart sinks ...
    Is TD thinking about leaving the land of SP?
    I'll support you anyway it goes ... because I believe we all need to follow our own paths and hearts.

    By the way .... you'll always be more than that dude who is about 10-15 lbs overweight but basically healthy ... to me. You're support/friendship has been steady and true and I value that.

    You are fabulous TD! Looking forward to that ultimate WHOO hooo moment when you hit that 195!!

    1749 days ago
    Are you going to leave too? You will be the third, fourth person to leave. I cannot say what is right for you in your life right now or the future. Spark will always be around. If you have to take a break or leave all together, I understand as Spark is only part our journey. Your journey can take you into another space away from Spark and I think that is fine. I always wish you the best what ever you do or go!

    Keep us posted. I have enjoyed our Sparkship thus far. You are amazing. I too don't have a social life or support system so Spark definitely serves as my latter. I appreciate your support.
    1749 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    After goal, maintenance is key. As the years go sailing by, we look back and wonder who the he77 stole our tight, lean body while we were asleep.

    Trent is a person who sets his goals, lives his life around them and changes things up. Trent is an inspiration to those who may not stick to things or wonder if they will be able to stay with it long enough to see changes.

    Trent is the only guy on here that finds ultra-cool media pics to shake us up and let the nostalgia kick in. I man THE ONLY GUY . That being said, if guilt could make a person stick, this is the time.. snork-snork..

    When guilt doesn't work, there is always the time-tested and true begging, groveling and sobbing like a hysterical chicka!!!!!!!
    PUH-LEEZE DON'T LEAVE US O MAN OF THE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep us informed of the superheroes(including yourself) out there!!!!!!!

    NO kidding aside, I think your new tack for body fat %is a good fit for you.. keep the muscles reined in while you still have the elasticity of youth on your side.. Seriously Trent. the weight will go off regardless, but keeping things toned and not sort of blobby, is a great idea.
    Of course, you DO realize that this means you now have to fly to Santa Barbara and go out on that beach with the weights, V-ball and hot bodies to strut it!
    1749 days ago
    My thoughts are that sparking helps keep me on track and helps by connecting with people who encourage me. I've noticed that when I pull back and stop then that's when things get harder. I am not saying that I "have" to have SP but it is great when you get advice, cheers, and just overall kudos for progress whether that's weight progress, inches, workouts, water, anything healthy!

    Keep us posted!!
    1749 days ago
    Hmm. Well, here are my two cents as to why to keep sparking.
    I tend to connect with peeps here on spark since my social life is......Non existent (enter cricket sounds).
    I love hearing about how you guys get out and tackle the world. And it's a great place for venting and the occasional whine if needed. Always lots of supportive peeps like you here to nudge, push, or even Billy Blanks Tae-Bo kick my arse back towards my goal.
    While you are soooo close to your goal (and dang I am jealous!), I like to read your blogs about your struggles and your triumphs. That gives us all a chance to cheer you on, ya see?
    So if, no WHEN you hit your goal, keep us posted. Don't go disappearing, ok?

    And congrats on those future vacation plans to hang at the beach!
    1749 days ago
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