Hello stress busters

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stress busters is my goal:
I'm doing a great job on my list of stressor:
1. Making good friends and healthy ones getting rid of ones who don't believe in you
2. Realizing when a disease is getting worse
3. Taking control of my actions
At work and home
I believe in myself others not so much need to work on that one
4. Loving myself the way I am
5. Respecting my friends wants and needs I did this today and feel great about it
6 . Enjoy my self
7. Loving my self
8 rejoining old friends to have a few laughs like in my past to relieve stress
9. Enjoy my grandson he's the best
10. Living my life to the fullest with best of intentions a best of my days with god

These are my new goals in life for me to focus on have a stress free day I enjoyed myself today I didn't key anyone get me down I thought it was the best day I had in a long time yeah me proud of myself today for helping my self
I learned today about carbohydrates and to eat like only 17 a day I have friends I can count on for support at work like 5 of them so I think I will be just fine I feel awesome as it is I'm actually beautiful person inside and out and maybe some people just can't to see me feeling better I'm like doing great and I'm loving it now I think I got a stressor out of my life today
That was a major role in my depression I think I will move forward and feel better about myself in the next few weeks I will be better and my depression will pass but my vitamin d and d3 levels got to come up I'm taking tons of meds to get things back to normal I'm feeling blessed and not stressed because I'm too blessed to be stressed yeah that's right. Blessed I am I'm blessed to be me
I'm keeping my goals improving my self esteem within my self and my strengths are I will do what's best for my friends and family no matter how much I don't want to I will sacrifice it be the best person I can become

My life is going to be an fantastic life because I believe that it's just a bump surface at the moment but it us smoothing out already

My life rocks and I'm having the best day ever yeah me
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