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Staying Positive and 3 Accomplishments

Monday, September 02, 2013

Today's lesson on Spark Coach is to list three recent achievements, and to focus on the positive things we do, rather than dwell on the negative mistakes.

Here are my 3:

1. i lost 15 lbs this summer, 31 lbs. total this year. WOO HOO!
2. i have exercised almost every day this year. Wow!
3. I started a new hobby I am excited about (painting rocks) Yey for rocks!

I know it's totally a cliche, but for me, it is very important to remind myself of all of the good things I do when those negative thoughts creep in. And, they DO get in. It seems to be a constant battle, but it is worth the fight. I have felt so much better emotionally since I have made a concerted (forced) effort to remember the positive things. Sometimes I literally shout "NO!" when I start down the dark path.


"I wish I didn't eat that piece of pie, it had too many calories in it. I am probably over my limit for the day now. I screwed up again. I always eat too much. I'm such a loser. I am never going to change. I am never going to lose weight. I can't deny myself pie the rest of my life. I love desserts, I might as well eat all I want to, and just be happy with that." (eats two more pieces of pie, feels worse)

By the way, I actually think all of these thoughts.

So I shout "NO! STOP!" (sometimes in my head, sometimes aloud) and I counteract with something like:

"One piece of pie (or whatever the perceived mistake) is not going to make me fat or stop me from getting healthier. Even one full day or full week of poor eating is not going to set me all the way back to the beginning. The negative thoughts I have about it are the real problem. Just move forward. Continue to eat and exercise like I have been doing, and I will lose weight. It is not an all or nothing situation. I just have to eat healthy MOST of the time. Everyone who loses weight successfully has these moments, and occasionally eats too much. We all do. We are human, and not perfect. This is really about getting healthy anyway and not just losing weight. I am changing and getting healthy right now by giving myself this talk, so I AM a success."

We can all do this, if we can just talk ourselves into it.

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