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Monday, September 02, 2013

Yesterday morning I got up all motivated to get my steps in. I got dressed, put on my Fitbit, and did a bit of blogging. When I went outside it was a bit colder than I thought it would be, so I came back in and put on a long sleeved Tshirt and threw my short sleeved T in the wash. Oh, look here, dirty clothes, better get them in the washer. - That was my thought as I was about to go out the door once again. So I threw everything in the wash, then went out to take my walk. When I got back home I moved the wash to the dryer. Later after a bit more exercise, I came in to pull the clothes out of the dryer. Threw them on the bed to fold later, went outside and did some more work.

About 6 hours later I go to fold the clothes and there on the top of my short sleeved Tshirt is my fitbit - all nice and clean, but nothing on its face. Oh man, I was so upset. I don't know what bothered me more, -- that it wasn't working, or that I had done all that exercising and not had it tracked!

So I went online and read that if you wash your Fitbit, just put it in a bowl of rice for 24 hours and then when you take it out push the button and hopefully it will light up. Voila --- magic, it works again. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything in our lives could be that uncomplicated? I went from being angry at myself to pure joy when I saw the light of my little Fitbit light up once again. Truly it is one of life's little joys. Fitbit, I promise I will never send you through the wash again. I was so sad to think that I had lost my little workout buddy.

Ok friends, he is all charged up and ready to hit the deck today for a good workout.
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