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Creating Work on Labor Day

Monday, September 02, 2013

I've done it again! I've created another episode of "As the Stomach Turns" aka "Linda as Lucy"! I am a bit of a vampire...up most of the night and sleep during the day. Worked the graveyard shift for too many years. I decided tonight was the night that my beloved bichons would get a bath and a puff-up. They've been feeling sorely neglected for over a month now as I rush around cooking things that smell wonderful and then hauling it away without so much as a morsel for them. Coming in after dark and spending the next two hours washing dishes and hauling things to and fro. Then I bake in the middle of the night when the temperature is not so high. They have not been getting enough snuggle time.

I have had this hot water leak in my bathtub so I have been shutting off the hot water at the hot water heater in the basement until I can get the plumber to come and replace the leaky part. I cannot get it unscrewed and trust me, I have tried. Bought special tools and everything. Decided it would work this way until after harvest was over. So I ran downstairs and turned on the hot water and gave Grace a bath, blew her hair dry and than nabbed Fussie Gussie and gave him the same treatment. I decided to take a bath and wash my own hair so put the plug in the tub and just let the water drip to fill it up. Can you see where this is going????

I opened up my laptop and started going thru my e-mails and SP pages...all excited about the new team "12 Week Walking" that JACKSGRAN has started and I will co-lead. I read some blogs, copied some pictures, sent some goodies, tracked my fitness and planned my food...answered a couple of spark mails and e-mails. Gus was bugging me to go out. As I walked down the hall past the bathroom towards the back porch...water on the floor and warm air coming from the bathroom. I had just posted on the team thread that I was going to walk down to the c-store and get an iced coffee and come home and put up my flag for Labor Day. How quickly plans change!!

I pulled the plug in the tub, let Gus out and grabbed the damp towels I had used on the dogs and sopped up water and wrung the towels into the tub, sopping and wringing. When I had most of the water sopped up, I got the keys and ran next door to my mom's, unlocked the back door and quietly ran down the stairs to shut off the hot water at the hot water heater. Of course the hot water heater room has a wet floor.

This is not the first time I have overflowed the bathtub and flooded the basement room. I had moved most anything that could be damaged by water up off the floor and onto the shelves that line the room...EXCEPT...I have been sorting through clothes to donate. I had a huge box of winter sweaters and long sleeved blouses on the floor. The bottom of the box is soaking wet. I had to take the box out of the hot water heater room and take the several top layers of sweaters and blouses out until I reached the ones that were wet. I took the box with the wet clothes into the laundry room and threw what could go in the dryer in there and hung the rest on hangers. Went back and sopped up the floor in the hot water heater room. I moved a big fan in there and turned it on high to help with the drying process. Came upstairs and checked to see if I had awakened my mom or her dog, locked them back in and came home to turn on a box fan in the bathroom to help with the drying out in there.

So now I'm off for my 3 mile walk to get iced coffee. The sun will certainly be up when I return so I can put up my flag and crawl into bed with my clean and fluffy dogs. I'll deal with the rest of the mess and wash the towels when I get up about noon. I'm trying to decide if this falls under the "You play, you pay" game or if I just really needed to get in some additional exercise and mopping. It's never a dull moment and no rest for the wicked in this house!
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