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I Am Not A Writer...

Monday, September 02, 2013

As you've probably figured out by now...I don't like to write. My mom loved to write. During WWII she wrote to about 100 soldiers every month. During her latter years, she sometimes wrote to well over 100 people each month, just to cheer them up. By that time, she had a copier, so she just had to write one 'quote sheet' or 'joke sheet' or what she referred to as 'one liners' and then make copies...but she still addressed most of the envelopes by hand, and sometimes added a personal letter also.

BUT...I did not get that gene from her. In fact, neither did either of my brothers or sisters. Come to think of it, I think that gene got killed off somewhere along the line, cause none of her 13 grandchildren were born with it either???!

I was however, born with her love of reading. 4 out of her 5 children, and many of her grandchildren, always have a book near by. That is a love my dad had also, so I guess it helped that both parents loved to read.

I do though believe, the most important 'gift' I received from my parents was their tenacity. In our house, nothing was ever impossible. We always figured out a way to solve any and all problems.

My dad was a Merchant Seaman for many years, and his favorite anecdote was "If something breaks when you're in the middle of the ocean, you can't call a repairman. You find a way to fix it...even if you have to use bubblegum!"

Therefore, I was raised to be a fixer and solver. I learned cooking and sewing from my mom, and building and repair from my dad.

This all brings me to the point of this blog: Don't ever give up without trying! If the first thing doesn't work...try the second and third. We CAN beat every problem and bad habit with patience and stamina. We are the VICTORS, and we CAN WIN!

Just a few things to think about along the way:

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  • GINA180847
    I had decided to send you a goodie and ended up reading this blog so I will comment. What a lovely piece of writing. Your mom would be so proud of you and so would your dad. I loved learning a little about your family which sounds a bit like my family. But you may have had a better dad. Mom was a saint and when we were small she wrote stories for magazines who paid her enough to feed her 6 children. When the youngest was 6 she went back to work as an RN and was able to support us that way. Dad was interesting but not a very supportive husband or father and she left him completely when I was 10. One day the school sent home a paper to be filled out and one of the questions was 'What family activity do you do?' Mom said to write in 'We read together!' and that sure was the truth. We are all dedicated readers. We all like to write too though.
    1697 days ago
    Loved it! (You do have some of your Mom's gift in writing, it was very entertaining!) emoticon
    1751 days ago
    Great blog! You are great at writing! I love the sayings!

    I hope you have a beautiful Thursday, my friend!

    1752 days ago
    Great Blog, Ramona - thank you for sharing. My mom was like yours ... I remember during the Xmas season - we usually addressed over 350 envelopes!
    1752 days ago
    You think that you are not a good writer but I have to agree with others you are great. emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Well Ramona .......... I could not help but think less than halfway thru ......... But she IS writing .......... she is and I am intently listening. I wanted to hear what you had to say ........... and that is a most important component of writing ....... is captivating the audience w/ something interesting. Which it was ............ so don't stop, cos I am guessing you will have those of us who listen ............. and reply!
    I also look back on my own blogs from when I first began .......... and I always chuckle after writing one, saying to myself ........ "This one was really great!" .... emoticon The old saying .......... practice makes perfect says it all ........ lol emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Great Blog Ramona, I think you just think you can't write! I think you can

    Hugs, Gail
    1753 days ago
    I have to agree--you just did what your mom used to do--write to a lot of people and make them happy. You shared with us and gave us hope and motivation. Thank you, we always can use both! (hugs) Noel
    1754 days ago
  • JILL313
    Your Mom sounds like such a sweet and caring Lady to write to the Soldiers many of whom rarely received any mail. . .Then after the War she wrote to people to help make them feel better and laugh, what a thoughtful thing for her to do. I also love to read but you know what Ramona you did inherit her gift of writing well even if you don't seem to think so. This is such a good and well written blog and fun to read and encouraging others. I was so proud of the Lady, can't remember her name, who is 64 years old and tried and tried and today finally succeeded in swimming across the Ocean from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. We're never too old to try something new or keep at what we want to achieve. You're doing an awesome job in getting Healthier & Losing Weight and I'm so proud of You!! I see the skills you learned from both your parents you use and seem to know how to repair and do so many things, how wonderful!! Take good care.


    Jill emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/2/2013 9:53:31 PM
    Love this blog and also your support and encouragement. Thank you for being a wonderful friend - you may not LOVE to write but you DO IT WELL.
    1754 days ago
    Thank you. I can get so frustrated with my mistakes or inability to get things perfect. This causes me to often not try or to give up too soon. I needed to read this because trying is one of the most important things I can do in life. I especially see that where my animals are concerned. They are where I know I've succeeded no matter how imperfect I might be! emoticon
    1754 days ago
    I really loved this blog. It's always fun to learn about families. And the point you made is invaluable. So many young people have no idea. They throw things away and buy a new one as the first option. They also throw ideas and plans away at the first obstacle. They should all read your blog

    Pattie emoticon
    1754 days ago
  • CJMOK1121
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    WOW: What a great way to start September. I love this blog. Thank you SOooooooo much for sharing. This is a great way to never give up. Just keep pushing.

    1755 days ago
    Ramona, this is wonderful! I truly enjoyed reading your blog...very insightful and true. Thank you for sharing and for sharing your ability to write...maybe you don't love it, but you can do it!! That's the most important message of all, I think. Hugs, Jeannie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1755 days ago
    Well, whether you like to write or not, you are a very good writer. emoticon

    1755 days ago
    You don't know what an amazing writer you are!

    You just did exactly what your mother used to do: You wrote something useful and to connect with others and to make us feel better about what might be happening now with inspirational quotes and support!

    Thank you for putting this down on "paper" for each of us.

    Blogs are wonderful devices. They help us get our own thoughts together and while doing so, they touch others in our world.

    1755 days ago
    Great blog!

    Thanks so much for sharing. emoticon emoticon
    1755 days ago
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