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Just feel like venting a bit about a customer.

Monday, September 02, 2013

We have a customer who opened an account with us about 3 months ago. She's been a regular customer taking taxis for 7 years. She's always been a bit different, but, I never really had to deal with her except for the rare cab ride (I don't drive often)

She is going to make me crazy! Her account is a couple hundred dollars a month or less. At the end of every month she starts calling to see if her bill is ready. So, on August 26th she calls and asks if I know how much she owes for August. I say no it’s still August I will be doing billing the first week of September. This same call happened at least 4x last week. Over this weekend, she called 2x on Friday night, last time at 8pm, 2x on Saturday and 1x on Sunday. I don’t answer her evening or weekend calls—this is a call for office hours. But, I have to keep my phone on as our business runs 24/7 and my dispatcher or drivers may need to get hold of me (same with my dh’s phone), therefore I hear it ring and see her name on the screen. She is freaking exhausting. There isn't a week goes by without at least one call from her.

So on Tuesday I’m going to have to politely tell her to only call during business hours. It’s bad enough that I have to talk to her at least 3 or 4 x a week during office hours. I mean all she does is call to ask how much she owes for the month when the month isn't over. Or she asks if it’s ok to pay this much and pay the rest next month. Then she calls back to say it’s ok, she’ll be paying it all……….. emoticon

Anyway, I just had share. She's so draining. Even without answering the calls, I'm feeling like I never have any time off.

More interestingly, I got this great new phone and it has this app on it called S health. It has a pedometer that monitors my steps behind the scenes. I don’t have to do anything, it’s always running. And my phone is always with me. Perfect. I have to say when I get near 10,000 steps, my ankle is usually hurting like a bugger. But, what can you do? This keeps my conscious of how much I am using the leg and hopefully I will see an improvement in pain vs amount walked.

It also has a food tracker and and exercise tracker, but, I haven't tried them yet. Such a great bonus to my phone.

Well, it's time for bed. Tomorrow is a holiday here, so, while I will be working for awhile, I will not be answering the phone. emoticon

I did have more interesting things to write about, I'm sure, but, she's filling up a bit of my mind right now with all these calls.


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    I don't suppose you could give her two Half Month bills, like August A and August B, so you could change up the discussion a bit...?
    2180 days ago
    Sounds like she's bored and doesn't have a much of a life,

    Send her a bill then start calling her 4 or 5 times a day to see when she's going to pay you.

    Cool phone

    2181 days ago
    we all do it !! Roc
    2181 days ago
    She's probably like the neighbor of mine and has nothing better to do then to dwell on things because she won't "get a hobby" to get her mind off of her issues.
    2181 days ago
    Always helps to vent. emoticon
    2181 days ago
    I can so relate to this post! We own our business, too, and that feeling of never being "off" can really wear you down. We try to make up for it by sneaking away for late lunches and things like that in the middle of the day, and making the use of the flexibility we do have.
    2181 days ago
    I think some people are crazy. My teenage daughters started working retail (one in a coffee shop, the other in a theatre) a few months ago and it's amusing the stories they tell about some of the customers. Dumb stuff, cheap stuff (like the guy who spilled his popcorn and needed a refill - staff did it and asked where the spill was so they could send someone to clean it up and he answers "in the garbage").
    Neat features on your phone. Enjoy them!
    2182 days ago
    Sheesh. People. Anyone who says they LOVE working with people generally hasn't worked with people.

    Happy Labour Day! (I even spelled it right!)
    2182 days ago
    2182 days ago
    maybe she's lonely? doesn't have anyone to talk to? kind of like that syndrome where people invent sicknesses just to go to the doc.

    when I get phone calls from advertising agencies I get to talking them into the ground, about everything and anything, especially politics. hee hee! they never call again.
    2182 days ago
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