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I truly hate August...but that just makes me appreciate September more.

Monday, September 02, 2013

I really do. Some of you might say hate is such a strong emotion it can't be hate. Maybe an intense dislike, but not hate. No, trust me, it is hatred, loathing, disgust. I HATE August. It never fails, this month DRAINS me. It sucks the life blood from my body and turns me into a limp noodle. This August was particularly bad. I live in Southern California, out in the "almost desert", where it is quite a bit hotter than L.A. and the coast, but not as hot as Palm Springs. The thing we've always been able to say is a cliche, but it's a true one, "at least it's a dry heat". It can be 120 but it's only HOT, not hot AND humid and that has always been our saving grace and the only thing that makes me tolerate August and not turn into a raving lunatic. This has been the WEIRDEST August I can ever remember. Monsoonal conditions used to be really common in August but it was the type where the humidity gradually built, turned into a thunderstorm and left. Done. No more humidity for several days, a week, the rest of the summer.

This August has been unusually cool and by that I mean only 100-105 on average, with quite a few days hovering just below 100. But, the HUMIDITY!! It's been HORRIBLE. You wake up to humidity, you go to bed in humidity. You go outside and the sweat starts before you have a chance to take a step. You can FEEL the air. It is SO disgusting. I honestly have NO idea how the south does it. Seriously, it's so gross and it TOTALLY wipes me out. It gives me headaches, it makes me tired, it sucks me dry. I rejoice that today is a new month. I don't expect the weather to change today (well maybe a little), the forecast indicates we will have similar conditions for at least the rest of the week (that makes me really sad), but it is still a new month. While it FEELS like we are stuck in a version of Ground Hog Day the calendar is indeed turning and we are moving towards cooler weather, in about 10 days, if we are lucky.

The other thing about a new month is that despite still feeling like a worm left on the sidewalk after a rainstorm, I feel that September is a month of new starts. My kids are already back in school, but when I was growing up school started the day after Labor Day. It is deeply ingrained that September is a month of new beginnings. It is a time to start over and be better. Maybe I should start a revolution and we should all treat September as the month of new beginnings instead of January.

It is time to get back to basics to remind myself what "IT" is all about and how to make things happen. Time to track everything. Time to write it all down. Time to note the successes and the failures and time to get things under my control. Time to get enough sleep. Time to add healthy foods to my diet. The tortellini, Alfredo sauce and cornbread were delicious, but now I've got heartburn. Fatty is yummy, but not good.

It is time to force the body to move instead of slump. It is time to tear my house apart, purge the unnecessary and focus on the good. Time to put yoga back into the routine because I know how it helps my body feel "right". It is time to kill some running goals. It is time to learn how to feel comfortable on my bike. It is time to toughen up and be "me". Whatever that might mean.

August is as dead for this year as the Cesar it was named for. September rules. The ninth month is in the house and it is working its magic. I just need to let it in and put it to good use. Interesting note...Sept means seven. September was the seventh month of the old calendar. Isn't seven a lucky number? Yeah, September is MINE. Buh-bye nasty old August, your weather might be hanging on for dear life, but you are GONE. Good riddance.
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    Yeah, August sucked pretty good. So let the new month - and the good stuff - roll!!
    1752 days ago
    I hear ya, August blows! Here's to a fun fall!
    1752 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Have a GREAT week!
    1753 days ago
    Ya for September!
    Have a good week emoticon
    1753 days ago
    heck yeah this weather has been insane, give me back my dry heat
    1753 days ago
    This humidity has been insane. It is however a great reminder of why I love living here, and don't miss living back east at all....
    Tonight an ensemble I play with was playing outside at a function. The humidity made everything so sticky- YUCK. Not sure I've ever had my clarinet sticking to me before, lol. I am so thankful that humidity is the rarity, and not the norm for here, and I totally agree with you, I'd rather have it 120 and dry heat than 100 and humid...
    Happy September, fall is just around the corner!!
    1753 days ago
    1754 days ago
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