Hungry at bedtime.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The late night grumble belly is a downer. I've done well today. I logged all my food, got lots of protein and fiber. I even walked. And that's saying something since I was obliged to carry my 4 year old piggyback during said walk. I guess I feel sorry for myself. Self pity. That's not usually good for me. Well not ever good for me. I want a reward for doing well today and the bottom of my brain says it should probably be covered in chocolate.
That's counter productive.
Maybe I can accept that I feel hungry now. My body is still well fed. The longer I do this the better I'll get at heading off late night hunger or calling my stomach's bluff or just knowing its normal. I don't know what's normal yet. In any event this is how it is now. My tracker confirms that I've eaten three squares plus some. I am OK. I feel the way I feel and that's OK. This is how it should be at this moment.

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