Saturday, August 31, 2013


There are systems and processes put in play to manufacture idiocracies. Propaganda, oft-repeated lies, opinions packaged as news and false choices – all are ingredients of idiocracies. An example of an ‘apparent dichotomy of choice‘ is: are you liberal or conservative? As if – these are the only absolute and permanent choices in the world! I’m with Chris Rock on Liberal-Conservative - who holds a rational view. I mean, seriously! What bonehead bunched Strong Government and Denial of Global Warming together? Other false choices include believer-infidel, civilized-barbarian, allied-axis etc. These are the terms in which this world is presented before us – often obliging us to pick one. And there – starts the idiocracy.

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.
Noam Chomsky
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    nice emoticon
    2314 days ago
    Who was it that coined that phrase, 'Tell a lie often enough and eventually people will come to believe it"? I think we see that in action every day in this country, altho I do not believe our country is unique in that respect. While our media keeps us all bickering over this half-truth and that half-truth, each president since senior Bush has been working on the Transpacific Partnership Agreement. Now THAT is something that people should fear. LOL Even Congress is not permitted to sit in on those meetings...however, the Koch Brothers, the Waltons, and various other billionaires are part of the panel trying to push this thru and ARE in on the negotiations. I find myself hoping that there really is a God in heaven......LOL
    2317 days ago
    So true, Clesher, these dicotomies are created by the propagandists who try to use us as useful idiots in the divisive politics of hate to manufacture class/racial/sexual warfare--for their own wealth and advancement, of course, never our welfare. We defeat them only by seeing ourselves and others as God's totally unique creations. Defeat the evil, greedy and power-hungry political manipulators by refusing to allow yourself to be crammed into narrow categories!
    2324 days ago
    Wow....unfortunately the media likes to play this game.....news is filled with half-truths and slanted to what they want you to think...propaganda is alive and well....hopefully we are all educated enough to know better and to search out the knowledge we need to make the right decisions...

    2331 days ago
    so true. long as we let other people define us, we will have idiocracies.
    2332 days ago
    I express myself outside of the box
    2332 days ago
    sad but true
    2333 days ago
    So true but not very funny I would think...
    I always say add a category for who cares and you would have a winner. emoticon
    2333 days ago
    You are so right! Very funny!
    2333 days ago
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