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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do you remember the excitement of the first day of school-new clothes & maybe a few butterflies in your stomach. We may not actually be getting on the school bus these days-but we can still get in "School Mode".

There are so many benefits to learning new things...(and it keeps us young.)

Here are six other great benefits of learning new things...

It's Fun~

Chances are that many of us haven’t even found the things that will ignite us with passion, fun and excitement.

Sense Of Accomplishment And Pride

Nothing can make you more proud at the moment, than learning something new.
Remember the feeling when you said a full sentence in another language? The feeling when you made that downhill ride? The first couple of chords on the guitar?

More Time

This may sound weird. You are now probably thinking that this is some kind of mistake. Well, it is not~adding something new to your daily or weekly schedule is proven to sharpen your perception of time, and time management respectively.

When I think in retrospective, I’ve met many of my friends while exploring something new. The thing is that there are other people that do the thing that you want to try, so chances are that you have similar taste in stuff, thus making you potential friends.
And while you are with the same people all the time, you get some fresh breath of ideas, views, and meet interesting characters by exploring.

Personal Growth

Doing something entirely new gives you the chance to grow. You see, doing something for the first time, gives you the chance and space to improve tremendously. And throughout that wonderful experience you grow, you improve, and you update many areas of your life.

You May Discover A Hidden Talent Or Potential

Challenge the body and mind, push yourself intellectually with something new and you will see yourself growing in many aspects of life, as well as witness some hidden and untapped potential.Take into consideration things that can make you step out of your comfort zone too, since then you can see many aspects of your potential, as well as your personality as a whole.

As you go discovering new things, you will find out that you want more and more. You will enjoy. So is learning something new worth the effort?
Let me save you the suspense: It is. Go and try something new!

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