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Running Start

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Woohoo for fresh starts and second chances! (And for third chances, fourth chances...and however many chances it takes!)

After being off track for almost three weeks this month, I finally decided to STOP making excuses, and START making progress again. Sitting around and planning to get on track or wishing for motivation to come back just does not work. I finally admitted that I just had to get up off my butt and start working hard again, whether I felt like doing it or not.

That little voice in my head told me to just wait until September first. It was certainly tempting! But I knew I couldn't wait. In just those three short weeks, I could tell I'd already gained at least ten lbs, and had lost a lot of my strength and stamina. Its scary how hard it is to lose weight, and how EASY it is to gain it back! And not just easy to gain the weight, but also to lose that strength and stamina that I'd worked so hard for.

So I decided not to weight until September to get myself re-started. Why waste another single day? Waiting certainly wasn't going to make it any easier, after all. Plus, if I waited, who knows how much more ground I could have lost, or how much more weight I could have gained?

I'm so glad I didn't wait! Today is day 9 of my restart, and I'm doing great. I feel like I've given myself a running start to reach the goals I've set for myself in September. I've been eating right, staying in my range, and working out every day. Yes, I've lost some ground with my workouts, but I'm building my way back up to my previous intensity, and I can already feel that I'm making progress there.

Also, I'm having non-scale victories already! My clothes WERE starting to get tight on me, but now they're fitting correctly again. Not loose, but just right. What a wonderful feeling that is! Now I know that I can keep going, and if I keep working hard these clothes will start to get loose on me and I will be able to go down to the next size.

The best NSV, though, is in how I feel. I was so lethargic and depressed while I was off track, but now I feel happy, clear headed and so determined to NOT give up on myself! I'm going to keep doing my best every day, and I WILL reach my goal. Maybe as soon as by the end of the year. Who knows? There's only one way to find out, and that is to just take it one day at a time and keep on doing my best!

As my Spark page says, "I am my own hero...Imagine what YOU could do if you became your own hero too!"

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