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I am changing, so my journey must change also...

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

When I started off losing weight, the smallest of changes were able to get the weight rolling off. Although there is nothing easy about weight loss (at any size), small changes in my eating, and being slightly more active resulted in big losses. As time went on, I walked more and more, and I lowered my calories and made even better choices, and the weight continued to come off. I overcame many plateaus, and I started walking farther and farther, but I've never consistently made big changes to my plan.

The plan that worked for me when I was over 200 pounds does not work as effectively now. Sometimes I think my body is so confused... I am around 195, there is still PLENTY of weight to lose, especially in my stomach, but my body seems to worry that we are wasting away. I've known for a while now I need to up my game. I've known I've needed to do additional exercise to add on to my walking (Because Sparky needs his walks no matter what emoticon), but I've been all talk! Just as I often am with my strength training. I know first hand that my arms need work, and more importantly I know how important strength training is but for some reason I refuse to get on board and do it consistently.

So September is going to be the month of change for me. I have gotten too comfortable in my routine, and despite my "feeling fat days", I am quite enjoying my 195 pound body. But I am not done losing weight, for health reasons and vanity reasons (hey, at least I'm honest emoticon), There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, I have worked really hard to lose 77 pounds and I definitely deserve to be happy and comfortable in my own skin... and I definitely am. But as my buddy Annie on here says, good things happen when we get a little uncomfortable. Uncomfortableness can drive us to change and push even harder, and I'm ready for that next step in my journey.

I recently ordered Hip Hop Abs and I love it! Absolutely love it! At my weight abs are the least of my worries, but getting in an awesome work out and working on my core strength (which I really need to work on) is definitely my cup of tea! emoticon For the first time ever I printed up a workout schedule, and September is going to be my month of actually doing what I say I'm going to do!

I am also working on cooking more healthy meals and relying less on processed food. I took the time to plan out my calories, because I know with more exercise comes more calories, but not so much so that it undoes all the efforts put in with exercise. I am going to work on tweaking the calories until I can find the sweet spot.

Here is my calendar and my goals for September:

emoticon One thing not on the calendar is my walking, that happens everyday with Sparky or at work, it's a given and I didn't need to put that on there, but it is still a huge part of my goals. emoticon

emoticon Hit 2,000 Fitness Minutes for the first time ever! I came close this month but didn't push it, so I fell short.

emoticon Continue to try new, healthy recipes until I get a good amount that I can rotate and incorporate into my weekly routine.

emoticon To follow my workout calendar the best that I can, with special attention to the strength training for my arms... that is what always seems to get forgotten.

emoticon Pay attention to my body. I have arthritis in my knees, a metal plate in my leg and screws in my ankle... I need to listen to my body and if I feel like some of the exercises are too much or I'm facing a flare up, I will scale it back.

emoticon I also want a huge focus to be paying attention to my body in terms of hunger. Eating when I'm hungry, stopping when I'm full, you know, all that good stuff. emoticon

Let's all join together and make September a good month! If August was great, use that momentum to propel you right into September! If August wasn't everything you hoped it would be, or was just down right horrible, let's just forget about it and start off fresh for September! emoticon

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