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Exercise on the go - with a twist

Friday, August 30, 2013

Yesterday, after my POSE running training in Vienna, I had a full day open. I decided to visit Enzovelo, a specialist bike shop in downtown. When I was looking for touring bikes, or tandems, or foldable bikes, in fact all sorts of bikes that I seem to need since we maintain consciously a car free life, I was referred to Enzovelo as the supplier in Austria.

Wow! They had all the newest innovations "to-try" that I wanted to explore. They had the Pinion 18 gear hub drive, the best Tout Terrain Silkroad bike, various Rohloff 14 gear, and Alfine 11 gear hub drives, several touring bikes including Koga Miyata, and even a foldable tandem. They had both versions of the Carbon Belt Drive (original and center track), and I had my sit-bone measured - a totally unexpected opportunity.

This latter is a important feature for selecting saddles for long distance riding. I discovered that when I ride more than 50-60 km a day on my stock saddles, my bottoms starts to hurt, and I need a day or two to get it rested, until I can ride again. The way for comfort is to select a saddle that matches the sitting bone distance, and offers comfort, for most people a Brooks leather saddle does that.

I asked if it is possible to take the Pinion bike for a test ride (5500 Eur/7000 USD in value ), and it was possible. In fact, I could test ride all the special bikes. I had a 30 minutes with each of them, which added up to a 2h sporty bike session for yesterday.

Also, I explored the rent-a-bike facility in Vienna. They have bikes all over the city near metro stations, and it's free for the first hour, and only 1 Euro for consecutive hours. Instead of taking the metro from the bike shop back to my evening destination, I registered in the system, and took an hour ride. I think next time I won't bother with the subway, just use these bikes directly.

So, in the morning, I was worried how I will do exercise, and in the end, it turned out to be wonderful. Next time I'm in the vicinity of a bike shop, I think to go in consciously with the intent to test ride some bikes, and also have in my daily exercise minutes in the same time.

Looking back, I give five out five stars for myself on finding a way to do exercise on the go.

How you do exercise while on the go?
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