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Someday Is Today

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

It can be really easy to get stuck in that "someday" type of lifestyle. We choose to put off what we could be doing today in favor of doing it tomorrow. We get that mindset that "Someday I Will..." and we just fill in the blank.

Someday I will lose weight. Someday I will start eating healthier. Someday I will start working out. Someday I will...

The "someday" mindset can turn into a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. The "someday" mindset doesn't do anything other than make an excuse for you! It gives you a way to rationalize to yourself that you will do it, just not today. It keeps you from embracing a "today" mindset.

If you have or have ever had that "someday" mindset", it is time to break that cycle once and for all! Let's break free from it's chains and let us start a new mindset right here, right now! Let's vow that we will from this day forward that we will adopt a "today" mindset!

We are not guaranteed anything past this point right now as you read this. Life is precious and we get one shot at making it the best that we can! Live in your "today", not stuck in your "someday"! Live this moment right here!

Let's change from "Someday I Will..." to "Today I Will...

Today I will eat within my calorie range! Today I will do the extra 5 push-ups that I skip in my workout because I think I am too tired! Today I will be better than I was yesterday! Today I will be the person I know I can be! Today I will be the change!

No matter what stage each of us is on with our journeys, we can benefit from a shift to more of a "today" lifestyle! Waiting for September 1st so you can start something? Perhaps a new diet or a new workout program? WHY? You aren't guaranteed September 1st! START IT TODAY! ? Are you telling yourself that since you have had a bad couple of days of eating that you will just have whatever you want over the weekend since you screwed up this week and you will just start again on Monday? WHY? You aren't guaranteed Monday! START IT TODAY!

We don't need "someday", all we need is "today", SO USE IT! Don't wait for "someday" to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Embrace Your Possibilities

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